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Fall Essentials

October 8, 2015 No Comments

Fall Essentials

October 8, 2015 No Comments

Here we are. The first post. My idea for this blog is to not only use it as a style and creative outlet but I would eventually like to try out a capsule wardrobe. If you’re unfamiliar with capsule wardrobes it’s basically the action of limiting your wardrobe for the season to a certain amount of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes etc. and by doing so you create a “capsule” of items that you mix and match for the entire season. Then in theory you wouldn’t buy anymore clothes for that season. Basically you’re simplifying and not fixating {at least I hope} on shopping. I thought this would be a great experiment for me but I’m not ready yet. Eventually I want to try to be more creative with what I have instead of dreaming up the perfect outfit and realizing I need to buy half of the pieces to create it. So in the meantime to begin this journey I thought it would be appropriate to start with a post about my current process for starting my wardrobe each season. Yay for beginnings! New season and new blog! Just so much excitement!

So first step, I determine what my wardrobe staples for the next 3-4 months {depending on how well the weather behaves} will be. Usually I base it off of what I tend to grab the most in my closet. For fall this usually means plaid, chunky sweaters and all of the jeans. I also look for last year items that don’t really fit my style anymore or ones that I would like to upgrade and either sell them on eBay {post about this later} or donate them. I also leave a couple items from summer that I can transition just in case of hot spurts or if I’m not ready to say bye just yet.

My fiancé and I are plaid people. We each have a growing collection of plaid and I love it so much. Fall is definitely my favorite. I’m also obsessed with Madewell which you’ll see over and over again 🙂

Photography courtesy of River Karaba

From top to bottom: Madewell black & white plaid similar here, Madewell ex-boyfriend shirt here, Zara red and navy plaid similar here & Madewell wide plaid similar style here

Jeans another favorite. Over time I’ve started to invest more in my jeans and have upgraded several pairs from my forever21 college days to quality designer labels. I’ll get into the importance of high quality denim another day.

Photography courtesy of River Karaba

In the jean pile: AG skinny legging ankle here, Jbrand distressed grey skinny jeans similar here & here, Madewell boyfriend jeans here, AG skinny legging ankle jeans (black) here

This sweater has quickly become my go-to. Little bit oversized and super soft. I’ve already ordered it in a dark red color.

Photography courtesy of River Karaba

Madewell texture pullover sweater here

And then finally the shoes. Oh the shoes. I’ve read on other style blogs how shoes can really transform an outfit and I agree 100%. I love trying to come up with ways to mix and match casual sneakers with a dressier outfit or vice versa. I feel like it keeps things fresh and sometimes a little funky. Below are some of the shoes that will be in my rotation this fall.

Photography courtesy of River Karaba

Madewell billie boot here, DV flats from Nordstrom sold out similar here & a black version here, Vans high tops here

I’m obsessed with these black boots from Madewell. I’ve been looking for a pair just like these {future post on my hunt for the perfect black boot to come} for a while. They are unbelievably comfortable and have the perfect 2 & 3/5″ heel. I’m not the most graceful person in heels and I rarely find any sort of heel that I would classify as comfortable. But these really are. I’m thinking I may buy them in cognac if they go on sale in the future.

No closet is complete without a pointed toe flat. I almost didn’t get these tan flats but then they went on sale and were magically back in stock in my size so I couldn’t resist. Now I honestly wear them at least 3 times a week. A pointed toe flat is great for elevating a basic look like jeans and a tee.

And then the high top Vans. These are fun in my opinion. I like that the grey is actually a wool material. Gives it a little different texture instead of just canvas. I’m hoping to figure out a casual all white number with these guys for this season. We’ll see.

I feel like determining my go-to items for a season helps me organize the chaos that is my closet. Hopefully this post can help others start to rein in their own chaos and tackle the challenge of sometimes getting dressed in the mornings.


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