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Monday Hunt: Black Ankle Boots

October 19, 2015 No Comments

Monday Hunt: Black Ankle Boots

October 19, 2015 No Comments

I’ve naturally always had certain pieces in mind that I “hunt” for each year. So this inspired me to have a regular post each Monday about these hunts. So to kick off the Monday Hunts, I am starting with my black ankle boots. I have been looking for the perfect black leather ankle boot with a wood heel for several years now {and now that I type that it seems a little sad}. I had found a suede pair that worked for last fall but I wanted to upgrade to a leather pair this year. For some reason I was extremely picky about what I wanted in this shoe. This happens every once in a while where I have very specific qualities I want in an item. For these boots I wanted them to be basic. No western flare which has been popular this year and I wanted the ankle height to be very low but still exist. I wanted the heel to be comfortable but most of all I wanted it to be a natural wood color. So many black ankle boots have a black wood heel. In my opinion that gives the shoe a whole different vibe. That shoe says “oh I’m dressy and kind of edgy” while I wanted mine to say “I’m a little more casual but can still get dolled up if that’s what you really want.” I sound crazy but trust me it makes a difference. So I found these little beauties here. Madewell, you understand me and my needs and I appreciate that. Thank you.

 Photography courtesy of River Karaba Photography courtesy of River Karaba

Below are some other options for black leather boots with a wood heel with some being a little more wallet friendly 🙂

And here are some other black boots that I really love but they have a little different style.


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