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My Cocoon

October 21, 2015 No Comments

My Cocoon

October 21, 2015 No Comments

Small confession: I love cold weather. Before people freak out let me clarify. I love cold weather because I love feeling cozy. If I’m actually physically cold I am not a happy person. But really I’m the happiest in fall and winter. Summer is great just not always for me {strange, yes I know and so I’ve been told many times}. So this small confession leads me to explain one of my life goals: to feel like I’m wearing a blanket at all times. Yes, most people have great aspirations of being an extremely successful person or becoming famous. Nope not me. I want to live in a blanket but now back to comfy clothes. Basically what I’m saying is that If it’s not soft or cozy I want nothing to do with it. It will be shunned and doomed to just sit in my closet, untouched until purging season comes. This is why anything with the term “cocoon” or “cape” in its name are my best friends or blanket scarves. I mean, it’s a blanket…scarf. Need I say more.

I recently purchased this cocoon coat from JCrew to replace my old winter coat that I’ve had for several years now. It is so comfortable and feels just like a giant heavy wool blanket wrapped around you. I can’t wait for the temperatures to drop so I can wear this everywhere!

Stopping for a moment here to talk about red lipstick. I’ve always wanted to try a bright red lipstick but with my red hair it seemed pretty overwhelming. I became so drawn to it that I bought a super super cheap lipstick from CVS and decided to try it out and I really love it. It makes a statement and I think it compliments and works with my hair instead of making my face look like a giant red dot like I thought it would. Little lesson here: if something speaks to you just do it and don’t overanalyze it like I do 🙂

Outfit details: JCrew Cocoon Coat here, Madewell Turtleneck similar here, JBrand Grey Ripped Jeans similar here, Charles by Charles David “Pact” Pump (now on sale!) here, and my Billie Boots for when we were on gravel…I can’t do heels and gravel.

Here are some other cocoons, chunky sweaters and capes I’m loving this season to keep you nice and cozy!


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