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Investment: Quality Jeans

October 24, 2015 No Comments

Investment: Quality Jeans

October 24, 2015 No Comments

High quality jeans are like slipping your legs into butter which sounds horrible but it’s soooo goooood. I never thought I would own a pair of $200 jeans. In my mind that was and still sometimes is way too much to pay for denim. In my mind $200 could get me several shirts from Zara or about 20 cheeseburgers or lots of coffee. I love all of those things so why would I spend $200 on one single pair of jeans? Then I tried some on. I never realized what I was missing until that moment. Not only were they extremely comfortable but they held their shape like no other jeans I’ve had before. I never realized how saggy {yeah, not pretty} my skinny jeans could get after wearing them all day.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with AG’s Legging Ankle Skinny jeans. My fiance loves AG so I thought I would give them a try. The length is just right so I never need to get them tailored, they come in a plethora of colors and they’re so soft. I love soft jeans. I appreciate the idea of raw denim but nope. Can’t do it.

After acquiring my first pair of quality denim I realized that in my transition to a simpler closet I’m going to need to upgrade. This way I can have pieces that will last for years instead of pieces wearing out after a few seasons. Fewer high quality items instead of hundreds and hundreds of cheaply made pieces. Also, buying a more expensive item makes you really think about how much you need/want it. And definitely helps cut down on the impulse buying. So really quality designer jeans can be a win win scenario! All I’m saying is just try on a pair and decide for yourself 🙂 mmm butta.

 Photography courtesy of River Karaba Photography courtesy of River Karaba

Outfit details: Madewell Vneck here, AG Skinny Legging Ankle Jeans here, Dolce Vita Flats


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