Monday Hunt: Burgundy Heels

Oh hey look another burgundy post! Yes, I'm obsessed. And you've probably seen millions of posts and magazines talking about burgundy but that's ok because it's a great color. My next hunt is for burgundy suede heels. I got the below dress recently and I really want to do a burgundied-out outfit. 

I love the lace on this dress and it's even more gorgeous in person. Most of my dresses are black but I thought it would be nice to add a festive color for the holidays. {They also have this dress in black! Very tempting}. So for this hunt I wanted the heels to be suede. I'm not super crazy about burgundy leather when it comes to shoes. I feel that it can easily look cheap. But in suede it looks much more sophisticated. I also wanted the heel to be a comfortable height and for it to be a basic heel. Not a d'Orsay or a block or anything. I don't mind investing in a colorful shoe because I have a more neutral wardrobe so I'm able to buy shoes in a fun color and know they'll work with multiple things. Finding the right shade of burgundy might be tricky but since it's a popular color I'm sure I'll be able to find something that will work. Here are some burgundy heels I've been looking at :)

Sidenote: don't be afraid to try an outfit in all one color. It can be a super easy way to create a fun and unique look!


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