Monday Hunt: Blanket Scarves

Starting our Monday hunt strong with blanket scarves! Keeping the dream of living in a blanket alive! Of course I would write about blanket scarves when we're having a mini "heat wave" in Chicago but even so these really are great accessories. I've had multiple times when a blanket scarf has come in super handy for keeping me warm. Cold in a work meeting but wearing a blanket or snuggie is unacceptable? Get a blanket scarf! I've purchased most of my blanket scarves from Zara since they're very affordable and super soft. I've had a couple that will shed a tiny bit but they're so worth it. This also leads me to a packing pro tip: blanket scarves make excellent travel companions. I’ve had several occasions where I was freezing on an airplane and used my blanket scarf to cover my legs. Ah, I love you blanket scarf. I generally like to wear my blanket scarves around my shoulders to get the cozy affect but there are multiple ways to wear them. Below is one of my favorite blanket scarves. Mmmm fluffy.

Photography courtesy of River Karaba

Photography courtesy of River Karaba


Here are some other blanket scarves that I've had my eye on {and hopefully soon my paws!}


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