Monday Hunt: Camel Duster Coat

I like to collect jackets and coats. My Papa is the same way. And since I live in Chicago where coats become your best friend for a majority of the year, I tend to try and have lots of friends. For a little while now I have been looking for a long camel coat. I'm gravitating towards the 20's inspired duster coats. As you know I generally go for the cocoons or not so form fitting pieces. But I think I would like to contrast my normally oversized style with a sharp tailored duster. Opposites attract :) 

As always I do have some specifications for this coat. I'd like it a little on the long side with side pockets. Not the front pockets that you have to shimmy and scrunch your hands in which ultimately make your arms bend a little weird just so you can fit your hands in them. I mean side slit pockets. Trust me it makes a difference. I may have to settle one day for a funky pocket but I'm still trying to hold out. My vision is to wear this coat with leggings and hightop sneakers or dress it up with heels and skinny trousers. Also by having a really awesome coat or jacket, like a duster, it can become the center of your whole outfit. Am I wearing a ratty old college t-shirt under here? Probably, but I look awesome. Long camel coat magic. I'm going to have to find one of these soon! For now here are some contenders. 

I know I know. It's not camel. But it would be wonderful in camel. 

I know I know. It's not camel. But it would be wonderful in camel. 


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