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One Buffalo & Its’ Pairings

December 11, 2015 No Comments

One Buffalo & Its’ Pairings

December 11, 2015 No Comments

In my first post I talked a little about what I wanted this blog to be. My documentation of simplifying my closet. I also want this lifestyle exercise to help me become more creative with the clothes I already have. Sometimes I get bored with my clothes and instead of trying to wear them a different way I go shopping. While I love shopping and always will I’d really like to try experimenting with the clothes I have.

The first challenge I gave myself was to take one shirt {in this case my favorite buffalo} and create 4 different outfits out of it. Sidenote: we did this photoshoot while blasting Christmas songs which was actually super fun. I love Christmas songs!}

The Dressy Buffalo – In high school I used to wear dresses and skirts and heels way more often than I do now. Somehow over the years I’ve slowly moved towards comfy jeans, cardigans and button ups. It’s weird how a person’s style changes. I guess I realized that I didn’t always want my feet to be uncomfortable or that I was not that great at walking in heels. But I do want to bring some dressy back into my life {bringin dressy back…yeah. I’m sorry I had too}. So as a way to mix the comfy with the dressy I paired this buffalo with a black mini skirt and black ankle boots. Threw on some sparkly jewelry and now I’m fancy!

Flared Buffalo – The flares strike again! They’re just so comfortable and hard to resist. This time I paired my buffalo with flares and mules for a super casual look. An outfit that could say “I’m running some errands and may stop by a trendy flea market somewhere. Because I’m just that cool in my flares. ”

The Goofy Buffalo – OVERALLS! I HAVE OVERALLS! Happiness is exploding out of my ears {you can see my excitement/weird hesitation in the second picture. I don’t know what happened there}. I really like this look even though my fiance said it was goofy, hence why this outfit is my goofy buffalo. Sometimes a girl needs a goofy outfit. One that we could run around in or roll on the floor. Also, it has giant pockets. Perfect for my handy man days {which are never} but I could hold all of the tools that my fiance would need to fix things. That’s how I could help. Teamwork baby. Teamwork in my goofy buffalo outfit.

Everyday Buffalo – Oh hi outfit I wear almost every day! You look so great. Kidding, but yeah this is it. Cardigan + button up + jeans + loafers. Mostly in neutral tones then my shirt is a pop of color. I love the look of the red from the buffalo with black and cognac {sidenote: I can’t say “cognac” I always say it wrong and one of my friends at work corrects me constantly. For some reason I just want that “g” to be heard}. Anyways, it’s a color that I’m currently aggressively expanding with. If you don’t have this color combo in your closet yet I highly recommend.

Links to all the pieces in my outfits {and some that were out of stock but similar pieces} are below and the dainty gold necklace that I’m wearing with my overalls can be found here

Have a great weekend!


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