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Travel Necessities

December 14, 2015 No Comments

Travel Necessities

December 14, 2015 No Comments

I love traveling but traveling around the holidays can be a little stressful. With crowded airports and traffic, it can really put a damper on your holiday spirit. So to make the whole process a little smoother, I plan out every detail in my travel process. Everything is planned out from my carry on bags to my travel outfit. Comfort and ease help me get through long security lines and flights. My nightmare would be to wake up late, bags still not packed and to find my comfy pants are shoved deep down in my dirty clothes. To help everyone else get organized for their holiday travel, I’ve listed out my must haves in my carry on below.

First the carry on bag. I usually have my rolly carry-on for all of my clothes/shoes and then a large purse to keep with me at my seat. I found this Marc Jacobs purse on eBay for a steal and it’s been my go to ever since. It has three large compartments. One closes with a snap and the other two are zippered. Then there are multiple pockets within each compartment. Pockets are so so important to help you stay organized. I particularly love this purse because I can throw my hat and gloves in the middle and easily get to them if I need them. Then I can keep my wallet, sunglasses and other more valuable items it the zipper sections. This bag can hold so many things without looking bulky which is also a huge bonus.

And now to go inside the bag {men avert your eyes}.

1. The Pouch – this may make me seem like a
Hypochondriac but I have a zippered pouch that has all sorts of medicine and band aids just in case. From tummy troubles to headaches and colds I have everything you could need {now I sound like a pharmacy} but trust me the worst feeling, in my opinion, is being even remotely sick while you travel so I like to be prepared. I also have a little sewing kit, travel toothbrushes, mini deodorant {no one wants to stink on an airplane. Common courtesy people} and oil sheets in there. I particularly love the oil sheets. I usually feel sticky and gross when I get off a plane and those little sheets get any excess oil off of my face making me feel refreshed and clean. Just lovely. I highly recommend.

2. Wallet – duh. But really having everything easily accessible from your license to ticket and your main cards makes things so much easier. I had a small incident once where my wallet was so cluttered and I was flustered because I was late I ended up spilling cards and change everywhere while I was trying to get out my ID. Not fun. Clean it out people. Keep it light. Those things also get heavy and no one wants to carry a heavy wallet around.

3. A good book – yes I have my mini iPad and phone with me but I always travel with a paperback book just in case. You never know for sure if you’ll be able to find a way to charge your entertainment device and paperbacks never need charging 🙂 I also had another time when my flight was 6 hours delayed and I had finished the book I was reading and my phone was running out of juice. So I had to sit behind a 6 year old and watch her lion king movie to pass the time. So another piece of advice, have a back up book in your rolly carry-on.

4. Blanket Scarf – I mentioned this in my blanket scarf post but always travel with a blanket scarf when it’s the least bit chilly out. More than half the time it’s freezing on airplanes and it’s extremely nice to have a handy dandy fashionable blanket on you. Just cozy on up and go to sleep! I love all of the blanket scarves from Zara just fyi.

5. Makeup – This probably could also go in my pouch but I always take my eyeliner, concealer and blush with me in my purse. I normally try to fall asleep on flights. And after my long snuggle nap with my blanket scarf my makeup usually need a nice litter refresher. Eyeliner to touchup any spots that may have come off, concealer to cover up any redness or blemishes then blush to give a little color to my face. Some of my favorites can be found here: Bobbi Brown blush, Benefit Concealer, Urban Decay Eyeliner

6. Headphones – Always always have headphones. Preferably noise cancelling ones. I love kids but screaming kids on flights I can’t do. I feel horrible for the child’s parents but oh my lord I hate being stuck on an airplane with screaming kids. So if you want to sleep and stay asleep bring noise canceling headphones as your sleep insurance policy. These and these are super cute and functional.

Hopefully this helps you get some ideas on how to plan your travel and take some stress out of the holidays!


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