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Hello 2016, nice to meet you. I've had some time off from my day job to reflect, regroup and recharge and I needed it. I was getting to a point where days were running together and my brain was complete mush. But unfortunately I'm the kind of person that 100% loves her lazy days but after a while I get antsy. I have to do something. So lucky you this means more necklaces :) Below are my new designs that I cranked out on one of my couch days {which is now my honorary office, lavishly decorated with fur and fluff compliments of the fur babies Ana & Sophie.} 

Solitaire Mini Wish Necklace   here

Solitaire Mini Wish Necklace here


This is my favorite {yes I have favorites}. I saw this little sparkly bead and knew I wanted to make an everyday wear necklace with it. I'm a big fan of sentiment and symbolism and as I was staring at this tiny little matte disco ball around my neck I couldn't help think of New Years Eve. Then I started thinking about resolutions which then led me to wishes. This year I don't just want to focus on a resolution but a wish. We are always bombarded with resolutions to do better. Be better. Diets, better habits, making more time, just doing more. And while there is nothing wrong with that, I still want to focus on a wish.  What my wish is I'm not 100% sure yet but now that I think about it I couldn't really share it on here anyways :-P Wishes should be kept secret. Something that is yours. Even if you give your wish to someone else, it is still yours. So let this necklace be a reminder of your one wish above all other wishes for 2016. And remember it's ok to trade your resolution for a wish. I'm here to say you're beautiful just as you are :)

Solitaire Rose Crystal Wish Necklace   here

Solitaire Rose Crystal Wish Necklace here


Just as beautiful as its' miniature twin. Here is a wish that is a little sparklier for that girly girl in all of us. 

Solitaire Spike Necklace   here

Solitaire Spike Necklace here


While not as sentimental as the wishes, I believe a solitary spike necklace is just as beautiful. Frankly I made this necklace to add another dainty layering piece to my collection. But I also enjoy how a spike or stud can add a little edge and strength to your look. Sometimes we need a little strength. 

Grey & Silver Tassel Necklace   here

Grey & Silver Tassel Necklace here


Now here is something different. A tassel. I had this in my bead box {which I've had for probably over 10 years now} and it was just looking at me saying "make me pretty already!" So after some wire wrapping and a little chain, I now present to you a tassel necklace. I enjoy this design so much I think I've decided to add some more tassels to my 2016! 

I hope everyone had happy and safe holidays! Now back to the grind and bring on 2016!


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