Monday Hunt: His & Her Gift Lists

This past weekend was kind of a lazy one for us. The only thing we really did was go to the One of a Kind craft show {which was amazing and had millions of vendors and wonderful things!}. Then we took a multiple hour nap, went to bed around 10 and I didn't wake up until 8:30 the next morning. Between actual sleep and naps I think we slept the majority of our weekend. I usually hate doing that. I don't like to waste my weekends but if my body was THAT tired I obviously needed it. And that's ok. Between working all week and planning for the holidays and shopping I just got exhausted. And there's still more gift finding to do! 

I'm sure several of you are in the same boat. So to help with your holiday shopping I've decided to put together a little His & Her gift list to give you some ideas! 



Allison KarabaComment