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January 17, 2016 No Comments


January 17, 2016 No Comments

This will be my third 10×10 challenge! I was planning on starting one a little later in the month but when I saw that Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Unfancy were partnering up to host their own 10×10 I had to jump in on the fun!
If you don’t know what the challenge entails here’s a quick little breakdown:

1. Pick 10 items from your closet
– Items to include: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, coats
– Items not included: hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags (basically any accessories)
2. Style 10 different looks with those 10 items
3. Wear those looks for the next 10 days

– I like to split up my looks into two work weeks 🙂

Super easy and my absolute favorite challenge to get you to think more out-of-the-box when it comes to your clothes.

For each challenge I like to set a couple of goals for myself. So for this round here is what I’m going to focus on:

Winter layering
Come up with some outfits I’d like to take to Paris
Work on balancing oversized pieces

Nothing too drastic but we’ll see what I come away with this go-around 🙂

Now here are the items I chose for this challenge and why!

STRIPE TURTLENECK – (size: small s/o similar here and here) turtlenecks are key to layering in winter. This one is form fitting and works lovely as a base layer.

CHELSEA BOOTS – (size: 7.5 normally a size 7) I wear these boots probably 90% of the time so they were a natural choice for my 10×10. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to style. I’ve already worn them with the majority of my looks so far in this challenge and probably could have just had them as my only shoe!

BOYFRIEND JEANS – (size: 27 s/o similar here and here) I wanted to try something a little different than having two pairs of skinnies. I first thought about a skirt but knew that wouldn’t really be practical this time of year so I opted for a boyfriend jean (which seems a little left wing considering my first thought was a skirt!) Now that I’ve gone through my first week of these looks in real life I’m almost wishing I had chosen a wide leg pant instead. Also was kind of needing a dress but that is why we do these things! To learn! These boyfriends are super cozy and by no means restricting so having them in the mix really isn’t bad at all 🙂

HOOD CARDIGAN – (size: medium s/o similar here) I call this my capote coat wanna be 🙂 it has a similar cozyness and oversized hood. I probably actually could have worn a small but this was purchased years ago at a Zara sale and they only had a medium left. However, I’ve enjoyed the larger size so I can layer underneath it.

WHITE BUTTON UP – (size: small s/o linked to similar version & similar here and here) a white button is a true staple in anyone’s closet. So adding it to my 10×10 was another simple choice that will hopefully help me with my layering game.

PLAID BUTTON UP – (size: small) this shirt has also already been in heavy rotation. It was another item that I grabbed right away when first planning out my mini mini closet.

CROPPED SWEATER – (size: small) I already wear this sweater every other day and quite frankly couldn’t go two weeks without wearing it! I’m already eyeing other sweaters by Jamie and the Jones!

SKINNY JEANS – (size: 27 similar here) seemed like an obvious choice in contrast with the boyfriend jeans. Skinnies will always be my go-to but I’m excited that I’m starting to be more receptive to other bottom silhouettes!

LOAFERS – (size: 7.5 normally a size 7) when I’m not wearing my Brixton boots I’m probably wearing these. An absolutely classic shoe that looks great with just about anything! I also love this olive color which is way better in person.

GREEN OVERSIZED SHIRT – (size: small) my overall challenge was feeling very neutral (which it is) so I want to add a little color. Unfortunately this shirt appears black in photos more times than not. But I promise it’s really green and I tried to add a little color!

So overall here is the breakdown I followed:

Tops: 4
Sweaters: 2
Bottoms: 2

Shoes: 2

I find it nice to have a starting formula of sorts when you’re first trying out a challenge. I think for spring I will definitely turn one of those tops or bottoms in a dress!

Over the years Lee has built up a large community around these challenges by using the hashtag #stylebee10x10 & this year #winter10x10The community that comes together during this challenge is one of my favorite things about it. Seeing so many stylish people come together and share their looks is so much fun. It’s also a great way to get additional inspiration for your own closet!

So if you are just joining in or have already begun, I’d love to see your looks! Leave a link below if you’re blogging about your challenge or if you’re posting through IG tag your photos with #thoughtful10x10 and I’ll be sure to check out your looks!


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