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Winter Capsule Experiment

January 25, 2016 1 Comment

Winter Capsule Experiment

January 25, 2016 1 Comment

This post is a little long but bare with me. I wanted to share my wardrobe capsule experiment that I’ve been working on. Everyone has a different reason for creating a capsule. Yes, I would like to do a little less shopping and save a little more. But I really want to get more creative with my clothes. Instead of being bored with my wardrobe and buying something new I want to use what I already have. I also want to invest in better quality clothes instead of spending a bunch of money on clothes that will wear fast. So fewer items and a little bit nicer quality.

This experiment has been going on for a while now since January is almost over. However, I’m finally ready to unveil my very own winter capsule! A good amount of research and planning went into this. I tend to over-analyze things even when they should be simple. Kind of funny since the idea of a capsule is to simplify but when you first start out it takes some planning and list making.

Most of my inspiration came from Un-Fancy – surprise the queen of capsules. But I also read many other first time capsule triers and doers to mold my own way. I decided on a capsule for January through March. Spring is an aloof season in Chicago so switching to a different wardrobe in March to follow the traditional seasons isn’t really practical – it might not even be practical in April.  Here’s how I started:

First, I thought about where I spend most of my time. Since my work environment is causal my wardrobe doesn’t change from week day to weekend. So I wouldn’t have to worry about dividing my capsule which made things a little easier. Then I conceptualized what my style is/I wanted it to be. I wrote down European/minimalistic/easy. I don’t really know what constitutes “European” style but it’s what I came up with when I went through everything I’ve pinned on Pinterest – visuals really help with this whole exercise.

Next, I thought about a color scheme for the capsule. Major colors: neutrals (black, white, cognac, grey) Minor: blush & rose Accents: stripes & leopard. Thinking about a color scheme really helped for my first time. Maybe in the future I won’t need to be strict about this but to begin I needed some structure.

Then I thought about the pieces. I grabbed things that I always grab for: black jeans, cream cardigan and what not until I got to 30 pieces. I was roughly thinking about a number when I started just so I didn’t end up keeping my whole closet 🙂 So I started with 37 but I didn’t really need to hit that. I also didn’t have numbers for each type of clothing. I didn’t want to try to fit my natural style into an unnatural structure. If I wore only 3 pairs of shoes all of the time then I only needed 3 pairs in my capsule.

So finally here’s what I came up with:

30 Items

7 Sweaters – Chicago is cold. {Madewell cream cardigan not shown, similar} 1. Free People Softly Vee Sweater 2. Madewell Turtleneck similar 3. Madewell Turtleneck  4. Softly Vee Sweater {I’m addicted} 5. GAP cardigan {old but I also love this one} 6. Anthropologie Turtleneck 7. Zara sweater similar

8 Tops {white button up not shown} 1. Madewell 2. Madewell Tshirt 3. GAP 4. Rivet & Thread 5. Madewell Blouse 6. Aritzia 7. Graphic Tee

5 Bottoms {white jeans are not shows} 1. JBrand 2. Madewell 3. Henry & Bell 4. AG Jeans

6 Shoes – I really like shoes and this was hard – I did not include my winter/rain boots 1. Dolce Vita Boots 2. Madewell Boots 3. Converse 4. Leopard Loafers (similar) 5. Madewell Loafers 6. Sam Edelman

4 Jackets/Outerwear – I didn’t include my puffy sleeping bag coat since that goes over everything I wear when I commute – again Chicago is cold.  {not shown tan leather jacket} 1. Zara Jean Jacket 2. Aritzia Blazer 3. Zara Leather Jacket

To keep myself organized I listed each item of clothing in my phone and then I wrote down outfit combinations with those items. Keeping a list in my phone of my outfits is soooo amazing. All I have to do each morning is reference that list. No staring in front of my closet with nothing to wear. Getting ready is so much faster – at least in my mind. That would be my number one tip from this. Make a list of outfits that you know look good and that you like. So much easier.

This is just my process. Everyone has their own way but hopefully this helps others get started on a simpler and more creative way of getting dressed each morning 🙂


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  • Julie Plassman January 31, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Carrie told me about the capsule wardrobe idea after reading this blog entry. She has been inspired to do the same with her wardrobe!

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