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You Had Me at Brunch

February 8, 2016 No Comments

You Had Me at Brunch

February 8, 2016 No Comments

I actually found this shirt on Instagram. Fash Foward Boutique posted a picture of it and right when I saw it I had to have.

I love brunch. Breakfast food, it’s my favorite – behind mac and cheese of course. But the main reason for my instant need for this shirt was because my first date with my now fiance was brunch at Ellys Diner. After discovering my love of brunch one day, he asked me to Saturday brunch. Saturday brunch. Weird. Not a traditional date but way less pressure than a fancy dinner or drinks. And I got to eat french toast and drink gallons of coffee so I was cool with it. I later learned that this was a tactful choice. Causal enough that we could just be friends if things didn’t work out but could also lead to a potential second date. Needless to say the date went well and we spent ever day after together. My fiance is a thinker. Weird, but a thinker and that’s why I love him 🙂

So not only does this shirt have a significant & special meaning for me but it is also super comfy and soft. It makes for a great graphic go-to tee. This whole outfit is a great comfy go-to. Broken in converse, basic black skinnies, graphic tee & a cardigan. Can’t go wrong in my opinion.

Outfit: Fash Forward Brunch Shirt / Madewell Cardigan {similar} / Ag Jeans / Converse / Dogeared Necklace /  Warby Parker Glasses


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