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Rings and Things

February 15, 2016 No Comments

Rings and Things

February 15, 2016 No Comments

My whole life I have loved rings. From ornate designs to simple bands. Rings are one area of style that I’m not usually “simple” in.

Another fact about myself, I’m extremely sentimental. My best friend once made me a bracelet out of a fruit by the foot wrapper and that bracelet is sitting in a box under my bed right now. I keep everything. I believe it’s because I tie memories to objects. I happen to have a horrible memory. But by keeping what others would call insignificant objects I’m able to jog my brain. This is why I keep my box – or boxes – of trinkets, notes and every card that I receive. I really love cards.

So naturally, since I’m so sentimental and I love rings, pretty much all of my rings have a meaning attached to them. And lucky for you I’m going to share some of them with you 🙂

First, one of the rings I’ve had the longest. I wear it every day – it actually never comes off my finger. My mom has one exactly like it and we call them our “twin rings”. Small Segway here – does anyone remember the super natural Disney show “So Weird”? I really liked that show. I’ve always had a fascination for the unusual and not quite explainable happenings in life so this was right up my alley when I was young. Well in that show the mom and daughter had twin rings. The rings were a way for them to stay connected. I liked this idea so much that I wanted to have a connected ring with my mom. We tried several rings but one of us would loose theirs – I think that was me every time. But the third one has stuck and I wear it to this day. Just a little reminder that even though we live in different states we’re still connected and always will be.

The next two are also extremely sentimental. They are actually this year’s birthday present from my fiancé. Like the first I’m stopping for a quick Segway to give credit where credit is due! Being an avid Pinterest pinner I had actually pinned this ring to my “Pretty Things” board. My fiancé being the oh so smart man he is creeped all over my boards until he found something that I loved and he liked as well to give me for my birthday. What he chose was perfect. Both of these rings are coordinate rings. Such a cute idea. The silver one has the coordinates of where our first date was – Elly’s diner. The gold one is for the park where River proposed! As you can probably guess, I was gushing with sentimental feels all over! So now two more memory tied rings to add to my collection. By the way,  these rings come from Anne Coordinates Etsy Shop and they have several different variations for your choosing. Perfect gift for a traveler!

The next ring was a present from this past Christmas. It comes from a shop on my favorite little island in the Gulf of Mexico – I mentioned it before in my capsule outfit + hat post. It’s a twisted blend of gold and silver which represents sand and waves. This is a beautifully handcrafted ring that is a constant reminder of the beach which I love.

The last two rings are my most simple. The larger circle is my first solid 14K gold ring that I have purchased myself. As I move my wardrobe towards fewer high quality items, I would also like to do this with my jewelry – or at least my rings. I’ve had so many rings over the years – especially the gold plated ones – that wear out, turn colors, turn my fingers colors and so on. I’m tired of buying cheaper rings that only last a few months if worn daily. So instead, I’m looking for timeless classic pieces made of high quality metals that will last a lifetime. This larger ring came from Bluj Bee and I will definitely be purchasing more items from her!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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