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April 8, 2016 No Comments


April 8, 2016 No Comments

I remember the first time I tried on a pair of skinny jeans. I was in high school and it was at a Hollister. I was a super string bean then and remember thinking “wow these jeans look terrible and are so not for me.”

Fast forward ten years later and skinnies are all I wear. Three years ago all of my jeans were skinny jeans and then this past fall I added a pair of flares. I know, I’ve already done a post about flares and their gloriousness but this time I wanted to focus on finding a trend that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for years and years.

Most capsule wardrobes will advise against investing in trend pieces. So far through my experience I think they’re are a few exceptions to that rule and flares…you are my exception – He’s Just Not Into You reference, I’m sorry but I’m not.

I’ll admit when I bought my first pair of flares I didn’t really fully think it through. I wore them once then didn’t touch them for months. I started to think I fell into a trend trap and considered selling off my flares through consignment or eBay. But I love how my legs look in flares. They really compliment my slightly pear-shaped body type so I decide to keep them around.

Then I started looking for flare outfit inspiration on Pinterest and found Lee from Stylee Bee. The outfits she puts together with flares are adorable. Her style gave me inspiration for tops I could pair with my flares that I already own. So I started making my flares work into my everyday instead of trying to go full-on 70’s trend.

Now I’ve decided to make flares a permanent resident in my denim drawer. Move over skinnies! Isn’t it funny how your style and staples change over time?

When you see a trend you really love go with your gut instinct – I mean really listen to your gut. Maybe try out a cheaper version (even explore some thrift shops) and see how you can incorporate the trend in your current closet. If it’s something that makes you feel good to wear and looks great on your body then think about a higher quality investment version that you’ll keep for years. Every purchase you make to complete your capsule isn’t going to be perfect. You will make mistakes, especially when you’re starting out, and think a piece will be perfect and then rarely wear it. It’s ok. This is a learning experience! So I’d say be open minded when it comes to trends. Your style is ever evolving so pay attention to what makes you feel your best and run with it!

Outfit: 7 for all mankind flares / madewell stripe courier shirt (ethically made option)/ dolce vita clogs (ethically made option)/ anthropologie purse


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