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Cival Collective

July 28, 2016 No Comments

Cival Collective

July 28, 2016 No Comments

Today I wanted to do a spotlight on a beautiful jewelry brand that I had the pleasure of meeting at the Chicago Renegade Craft fair this past June. I purchased two necklaces from them and have worn both in several of my posts in this space and on Instagram already! It is no surprise that I love a long statement necklace so these two pieces fit seamlessly into my everyday style.

I was drawn to this brand for their minimalistic design & organic touches. Their designs almost feel a little boho while still maintaining a simplistic demeanor which is a balance I crave and tend to gravitate towards. The fact that all of their pieces are handmade and that they try their best to source all materials ethically was a super added bonus!

So after hearing their story I asked them a few more questions so I could share a little more about Cival Collective with all of you!

1.) Where did you learn to make jewelry and what was the first piece you ever made? 

Cival Collective’s Creative side is Lead by Design Duo — (Sisters Sarah and Rae) who are lifelong learners, continually driven to collect new skills and explore every creative possibility. They first piece that started this long romance in jewelry making was a gift — composed of eccentric found objects a wearable collage of ephemera — gathered from our collected oddities and vintage jewelry components. This original assembly, captures a specific approach to design that still exists in our line 9 years later.

2.) Where do you draw your inspiration from?

We are inspired by the creative process and the challenge to continually find new ways to express our personal style through accessories. As simple as it may be inspiration is formed in the process of making, the materials we select and our collective drive —to make new and ever-better designs as we evolve as creative visionaries.

We cultivate a nurturing environment to support our creative energy and express our personal style and taste. We draw inspiration from each other.

3.) How did you come to call yourselves Cival Collective? 

Civál is the name given to the largest pre-Mayan civilization — who’s lasting cultural relics and craftsmanship resonates with us and is an approach of great value. The foundation of our practice is to make lasting designs that convey personal expression in modern form. We endeavor to create pieces that break the usual “trendy” confines of a recognizable era and therefore transcend restrictions of wear — our direct and simple approach ads an heirloom feel, that matches the quality of their construction. It is my hope that our pieces will become relics of our world, cherished and passed through time, or rediscovered after we are long gone. The word CIVAL echoes ageless in my mind, and was an instant fit for our brand.

4.) What is your vision for Cival Collective?

To continuously evolve and grow — adding new skills and collaborating with other artists furthering the collective nature of our products.

5.)Where do you source your materials from?

The foundation of our company is built on using quality fair trade materials — Sourcing most of components from North America and Europe. Our company goes to great lengths to support small businesses with ethical and sustainable practices for natural stone exclusively available from countries in the developing world.

6. Of all of your pieces which is your favorite and why?

Our favorite designs tend to be statement pieces that are deceptively simple. Pieces which appear effortless, but are designed with great skill and intent to disguise our construction methods within the functional components. Our featured antler piece highlights this idea perfectly, and shows the thoroughness of our design process. So it’s not one piece exclusively, but rather a style of design.

Cival Collective will once again be at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair – which is one of my favorite fairs that comes to Chicago! – September 10th & 11th so be sure to stop by and check them out!

Below is Civial Collective’s website as well as Etsy & social pages so you can connect and browse their lovely designs for yourself!

Cival Collective Site
Etsy Page

Thank you Cival Collective for partnering on this post!



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