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My First 10×10 Challenge

August 2, 2016 No Comments

My First 10×10 Challenge

August 2, 2016 No Comments

I’ve decided to try an exercise to help stretch my creativity as it pertains to my summer capsule. I’ve said it in the past but this capsule has really helped me grow and was such a struggle but I think I came out with some true favorites that will hold a place in my wardrobe for many years. 

So to help me further connect with these favorites I have collected and own, I decided to try my very own 10×10 challenge! 

I have done posts in the past where I would chose one item from my capsule and create 5 looks using that item and other parts in my capsule. By focusing on one item in my closet and seeing how many different looks I could create helped me determine how versatile and valuable that item was in my lean closet.

This time instead of focusing on one item and creating five different looks, I’m going to pick 10 items and create 10 looks. 

This idea actually came from Style Bee which is a huge inspiration for me and I thought it would be a great way to help me expand. She has already done 4 of these challenges and I highly recommend her posts to gain even more insight before starting your own!

Here are a few things I hope to personally accomplish with my mini capsule exercise:

  • Figure out who the true work horses are in my wardrobe
  • Get even more creative in layering
  • Find some new silhouettes
  • Refine my style even more
  • Decide on some pieces that I would like to carry over to my fall capsule

I might be expecting a lot from this exercise but challenges are the only way we grow! I know making 10 outfits from 10 items might not seem that hard. But it’s definitely harder than expected. Especially if you want to create outfits with depth.

So for my first 10×10 I ended up with…

4 tops
3 bottoms
1 dress
2 shoes

I am not including any accessories, bags or hats in the 10×10. In the future I will also include coats/jackets but may need to stretch it to an 11×11 or 12×12. But we’ll see! 

Going from top to bottom – left to right:

No.6 black wedges / madewell print courier shirt (old) / elizabeth suzann georgia black linen shirt / only child x style bee dress / first rite rust skirt / elizabeth suzann clyde work pant / coclico platform sandals / madewell wide leg crop jeans (and on major sale!)/ elizabeth suzann petra top / first rite rust crop top

Some of these pieces I seriously wear all of the time – especially the first rite set! 

Here are the steps I took to start my 10×10

1. I pulled out all of the tops, bottoms, dresses & shoes that I absolutely love – aka the ones that feel the most comfortable – from my capsule.

2. I actually physically separated this new mini capsule from my other clothes. This was easy for me since River built me an awesome clothing rack – he did a little video on how he made it which you can find here 🙂 –  If you don’t have a separate rack – and I feel most people don’t – then I would stick your mini in a separate section of your closet so it can truly be isolated. 

3. I love writing down my outfits in my phone so with this exercise I decided to come up with my outfits and “wrote” them down. I also added a couple just in case the ones I created ended up looking weird when I tried them on. 

4. Next came dress up time! I tried on the outfits I had concocted then looked for ways to make them more interesting – aka played with layering! This is when I also nailed down the final pieces that I would include in my 10×10 & determined how many of each item I would need. 

5. I took pictures of the outfits to share with all you but in general I love taking a quick selfie of an outfit I really love to wear. This way I can remember it again when I’m having a “no time for my closet” day. 

Those are the steps I took to kick off this challenge! I’ll be sharing my outfits from my 10×10 in my upcoming posts so stay tuned! 

If you’ve done a similar challenge I’d love to hear how it went and what you learned about your capsule 🙂 



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