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Outfits No. 3 & 4 – Summer ’16 10×10

August 9, 2016 No Comments

Outfits No. 3 & 4 – Summer ’16 10×10

August 9, 2016 No Comments



Outfits number 3 & 4 both revolved around my Only Child dress and layering. In the past I always thought a dress could only have one note in a wardrobe. You could switch up the look by changing your shoes, adding a jacket/blazer or changing up accessories but in most cases the dress ended up still being the star. No matter how many different combinations I tried I never really felt like I had created something new. It mostly felt like a day-to-night transformation. 

I wanted to go a little more out-of-the-box with outfit creation. And since layering was an area I wanted to explore in my 10×10 I thought my Only Child dress would be the perfect backdrop. 

So for my first look I added my linen black crop shirt and created a color block option that looked like two separates instead of a dress. I love this layering option and have actually had a hard time pulling it off in the past.

Through many trials and errors, I’ve found the key is to find a loose fit top so the dress doesn’t bunch up underneath it. Also, watch out for tops with super wide or deep necklines. A personal pet peeve is when you can see the neckline of the dress poking out from underneath the top that’s supposed to hide it! 



The second look is a trick I shared this past spring. And while a little too hot for the day I wore this outfit, I still love the trick. Pants under dress. In this case my elizabeth suzann clyde work pants. The look is relaxed and gives an art studio meets gallery vibe. 



Outfit No. 3: only child x style bee dress (on sale!) / elizabeth suzann georgia tee linen / no6 wedges / murlifestyle round basket bag / seaworthy necklace / warby parker sunglasses

Outfit No. 4: only child x style bee dress (on sale!) / elizabeth suzann clyde work pants / no6 wedges / primecut clutch / warby parker sunglasses

If you ever get bored with your wardrobe I suggest trying out some layering! You never know what new outfits you may find!




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