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First Fall Uniform

September 29, 2016 No Comments

First Fall Uniform

September 29, 2016 No Comments

I believe in ever mini closet there are about two or three looks or formulas of looks that would be classified as your uniform. In theory these outfits should reflect the essence of your style. As I’ve thought about what I’m most drawn to this fall I realized that it is definitely a different sort of style than summer.

Right now, if I had to sum it up in a few words it would be: refined, relaxed, urban

I realize some of these words seem to contradict each other but no one is one dimension that fits seamlessly together so neither should your wardrobe. Sometimes my outfits are a little more sophisticated while other times they’re relaxed. Mostly depending on the occasion or my mood 🙂 In the future I’d love to put some workbooks and things together to make what I’ve learned more tangible. And one area I definitely want to tackle is style defining. It will happen some day. I promise.

So this first fall uniform is one of my easiest combos in my closet and I would say fits into the relaxed category.

shirt + cardigan + skinny jeans

Nothing revolutionary there. The core outfit being v-neck tee, button cardigan & skinnies.

I tried to pick it up a bit this go around by switching the v-neck for my ES linen and the cardigan for a linen kimono. Linen on linen for the win! Still a uniform at it’s core just dusted off and polished a bit.

Outfit: elizabeth suzann kimono / elizabeth suzann georgia linen shirt / ag black legging ankle jeans / dolce vita ankle boots / janessa leone clay hat / gap bag (very very old, similar responsibly made version here) / daniel wellington watch



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