My Favorite Bucket


I can be extremely picky about my purses. From pockets to strap length and color. Before purchasing the Rebecca Minkoff Bucket Bag - featured in this post - I had been looking for a bucket bag for a while.

If you've read my past posts I do a copious amount of research before I buy something - at least most of the time. For this specific purse it had to be the right size. Not too big but I wanted to be able to fit my emergency kit in it - laugh all you want but one day my coworker needed a q-tip and guess what...I had a q-tip :) I also wanted to be able to get into the bag easily. This might seem silly but if the leather/vegan leather is too stiff it can be hard to open. I also wanted to be able to wear it as a crossbody. I seem to be gravitating more towards crossbody purses as I get older. Nice to have two hands when running errands. 

Basically, this purse hit every box on my checklist! I'm thinking of getting another maybe in black or cognac I love it so much!


I also have to talk about this wallet really fast. It was a promotion present for myself and its been my wallet for a long time now. It's a great size and I love that it has a strap. Makes it easy to grab when I want to get a quick coffee or go out to get a quick lunch. If you're looking for an everyday wallet I highly suggest this one. 

Here are some different styles of Rebecca Minkoff's Fiona Bucket Bag. And you can find the bag on sale here & here


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