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Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge

October 10, 2016 No Comments

Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge

October 10, 2016 No Comments

My summer closet was the first time I tried the Style Bee 10×10 challenge. I had planned to do another round later in the season but since Lee – from Style Bee – was kicking her’s off this week I thought…why not! So I’m tagging along for the fun and excited to see everyone’s outfits!

As a refresher for those that don’t know about the Style Bee 10×10 Challenge let me break it down for ya:

10 items
10 outfits
10 days

I haven’t really followed the last rule before but I’m sure you’ll see all of these outfits show up on instagram at some point!

For my 10 items I followed Lee’s outline:

4 tops
2 bottoms
2 shoes
1 dress
1 top layer

I felt like having her outline of items helped me craft my first fall challenge. It was nice to have a starting point and make sure I wasn’t wasting a spot!

Now to be honest I laid out all of my items on my bed then did a little round of dress up to make sure everything worked. In theory everything should be able to go together since I’m pulling from my curated closet but I wanted to be sure. The last thing anyone needs is a morning panic of “what outfit do I put together today?!?!”

With this challenge here’s what I hope to accomplish:

1. Practice working with more color.
My closet is currently made up of earth tones, mostly camels and shades of olive. I really want to focus on olive and make those colors shine.
2. Put my curated closet to the test to see how versatile it really is.
3. Create dimension through layering.

Now without further adieu here are my 10 items!

I know. There are only 8. I’m actually waiting for two items to arrive this week and then I will shoot those outfits next week. One of them is the Madelyn Coat from Only Child – which was on my Fall Wishlist post. The next is a midi dress I’ve had my eye on which was part of my “want” not need list. I’ll go into more detail as to why I decided to make this purchase in the dress post 🙂

Madewell Frankie Chelsea Brown Boots
I am loving these boots lately. From their rich brown color to the taller than normal ankle shaft. I also love the color paired with olive. There is a noticeable heel but still short enough so that they are comfortable for all day walking.

Everlane The Modern Loafer
I actually found these on Poshmark and had to add them as a foundation to my wardrobe. I was happy to use one of my remaining curated closet spots for these babies. Next to the ankle boots these seemed like an obvious choice for a flat. They are also a great black accent to the earth tones I have going on. If you’re interested in these shoes – and I highly highly recommend them – Everlane suggests you go up half a size. I did this – normally a solid size 7 – and they fit perfectly!

Elizabeth Suzann Petra Crop
This top is actually no longer available since it was part of her SS’16 collection but here is a similar top. This top was actually in my Summer 10×10 Challenge! If you’ve been reading along you know how much I love ES and especially this top. I just had to carry it over into fall as a base for layering 🙂

Zara Olive Blouse
This is my go-to dressy top for a night out. I’ve had it for years and I’m very glad I’ve kept it around! The top I have is unfortunately gone but Jamie and the Jones make a beautiful selection of olive blouses that would make a great substitute!

 Madewell Graduate Cardigan
I quickly realized that I needed a few more cardigans in my fall curated closet. Madewell is my go-to place for cardigans and I was happy to see they had one in a beautiful olive/brown color. If you’re looking for a more sustainable cardigan option I highly suggest Everlane. They are the masters of sustainable basics and just came out with 10 new styles of their cashmere line!

Madewell Turtleneck
A black turtleneck is my trick for making myself look a little more put together than I actually feel. A true closet champion. This one is just so cozy for cooler days too. Unfortunately this is from last season but again I would suggest poking around Everlane for a good turtleneck basic. This is a piece I believe every woman should have in her closet!

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Pants
I’ve talked about these pants a ton and will probably continue to do so. These were also in my Summer Challenge and had to be carried over into fall!

Joe’s High Waist Jeans
Not as comfortable as sweat pants – especially after a large meal – but you all know how much I love a high waist + crop top silhouette. I’m excited to take this look up a notch with some fall layering!

And those are my items! I’m going to be sharing two outfits a day for the next two weeks – Tuesday through Thursday – and will finish with a wrap up! If you’re also doing a Fall 10×10 Challenge be sure to use Lee’s hashtag #stylebee10x10 and Caroline from Unfacy’s #unfacyremix to share your looks! I’ll definitely be using them and I’m excited to see everyone’s outfits too!



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