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Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge – Outfits 7 & 8

October 20, 2016 No Comments

Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge – Outfits 7 & 8

October 20, 2016 No Comments

Sorry everyone for getting outfits 7 & 8 up so late! I had a very busy weekend with the Bloguettes Workshop and didn’t have much time for photo shoots so that put me a little behind schedule!

Before we dive into outfits, I wanted to briefly talk about my past weekend with the Bloguettes. First of all – for those of you who don’t know – the Bloguettes Workshop is a three day session packed with TONS of information. Our first day was all about branding, second was a run down of all social media platforms and the final day we covered photoshop & lightroom. It was mentally draining but at the same time I felt charged and ready to go. Before this workshop I was beginning to feel depleted and the creativity wasn’t there. This workshop is exactly what I needed to revive and motivate myself to keep at it. Because honestly starting a blog is challenging. But I just need to remind myself that all good things come with time and I need to dig down and do things right instead of trying to rush through. So if you are in need of some advice and want to grow I highly suggest the Bloguettes workshop. Or they have a ton of podcasts that cover a wide variety of topics if you’re not ready to invest in a full 3 day experience 🙂

So now to the outfits!

This first look is another one of my favorites. I love the contrast between the oversized coat + high waist jeans and crop top. Each piece has their own feeling of structure to them but with the coat being oversized the full look doesn’t feel too stiff. This is a balance that I’m going to continue and try to perfect as it becomes a permanent part of my style.

At first, when putting this outfit together, I wanted to add a hat and statement necklace but opted to avoid over styling the proportions so that structure could become the main focus of the outfit.

Things got a little sloppy for this second look. Funny story actually. So I was in a time crunch – funny stories seem to always happen in a time crunch – and had to shoot these two outfits this morning. I have a street that has a couple white walls that I love to use for my photos and this morning a construction crew was working right in the middle of my street. Now keep in mind I share two outfits with each of these posts so I magically – and not so magically – have to do a quick outfit change. Well with a construction crew fully present I wasn’t really feeling the quick under the coat changes I normally do. So my jeans and top from the first post are under the shirt and pants of this post…yeah. Not good.

So in some shots I think I look a little like a fluffed up bird but that’s because I have a good amount of clothes on 😉

Anyways, so this second look had good intentions. A sophisticated oversized casualness that I like to cook up every once in awhile. I love the color combinations here. The white and black contrast that is toned down by the olive blouse and a splash of brown with the shoes. I’m loving black and brown lately if you couldn’t tell 🙂

I’ve already talked about each item a couple of times so this go around I’m going to focus on the coat and give my sizing for the other items.

My sizing for reference
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 130lbs.
Bra Size: 34C
Waist: 27”
Hips: 39”
Shoe Size: 7

Madelyn Wool Coat
Size: OS
Brand: Only Child Clothing
I first saw this coat on Pinterest last winter and thought about purchasing but didn’t pull the trigger. However, when this coat came back again for fall I just had to do it. A more unstructured coat is something that I felt was missing from my closet. I was also missing a coat in between. It’s not cold even for my heavy wool coats but a light spring jacket doesn’t work either. This piece is a beautiful in between. It reminds we over an oversized sweater in coat form – heart eyes everywhere!

Petra Crop Top by Elizabeth Suzann – size: small
Joe’s Highwaisted Jeans – size: 27
Frankie Chelsea Boots by Madewell – size 7 (true to size)
Clyde Work Pants by Elizabeth Suzann – size 4 regular
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Columbus Tote

So there you have looks 7 & 8! I’ll be sharing my final two looks tomorrow then a wrap-up on Friday!


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