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Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge Wrap-Up

November 1, 2016 No Comments

Fall 2016 10×10 Challenge Wrap-Up

November 1, 2016 No Comments

My second #stylebee10x10 challenge is over! I definitely had a sigh of relief after typing that. It isn’t terribly hard to put together 10 outfits with 10 pieces of clothing but documenting, sharing and reflecting on the experience is tiring. In a good way! I so enjoyed looking at everyone’s daily photos as they posted their outfits using the hashtag for the challenge. And I’ll continue to reference it for inspiration.

Above are all of the looks I came up with from my 10 items. Some of them I loved and some I wasn’t super thrilled with. Below are the three that were my favorites.

The first was an easy play on composition with a little bit of oversizing. The second was a casual street style that is an easy day-to-day outfit. The last is my favorite combination. What I referenced as my make shift jumpsuit. I really just love it!

These are the outfits – if I had to choose – that I was least crazy about. The first one I think I just needed black boots or heels instead of brown. I’m loving a god black/brown combo but this was too color segmented for me. I think if I made that one switch then I’d be more happy with it. For the second one I just needed a form fitting black turtleneck instead of a high/low oversized one. It was just a little too much bagginess for my comfort level. The last was me trying something new and while I received a ton of positive feedback I still feel unsure. I think I needed to fully embrace the look and not have the scarf print. It is a little too distracting. I’m also not suuuper crazy about how this midi dress fits me right now but still really love the piece.

Small segway about this midi dress. I love the feel of the fabric and the length. It is just a little too tight in the hips for me right now. We’re working on framing that up a bit but right now the dress is a little meh. I’m not ready to give up on midi dresses just yet thought!

So through this challenge here’s what I learned.

1. It helps you find your favorite looks so you can continue to replicate them.
2. I need to learn to edit oversized looks and find the right balance for me.
3. Need to work on putting together a look that is dressy but still feels true to my style.

Always so much to learn but style takes time and it can change depending on your mood or weather. But by challenging yourself through fun exercises like these it helps you find the boundaries of your style and you may come up with looks you would never have thought of before!

Left out Items: Madelyn Coat by Only Child Clothing & Madewell Jersey Dress

Top to Bottom, Let to Right: Madewell Frankie Boots / Everlane Modern Loafers / Elizabeth Suzann Petra Crop Top (s/o similar just a little longer here) / Zara blouse (very old, similar here) / Madewell Graduate Cardigan / Madewell Black Turtleneck (old, similar here) / Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Work Pants / Joe’s Jeans

Looking back on all of the items I choose I wouldn’t change any of them except maybe the black turtleneck for a more fitted version.

I will for sure be replicating this challenge with my winter wardrobe and I can’t wait!

If any of you also did this challenge and learned some interesting things about your style please let me know!


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