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Closet Versatility

November 16, 2016 No Comments

Closet Versatility

November 16, 2016 No Comments

I’ve found that, for the majority of time, what leads to constant shopping is boredom. Bored with what’s in your closet and wanting to shake things up and add something new. This is an area that I really want to change personally but I also feel that it’s something that many woman struggle with.

So I thought a great way to help curb this behavior is by practicing versatility. I have done this sort of change up before examples here and here – yes, I think my blog & style have come along way too! – but, like so many things, I want to rename this little exercise and call it Closet Versatility.

Take one item from my closet and create five different weekday outfits using what is already in your capsule or minimal closet. That’s it! It’s very simple but an effective way to see what you can create by focusing on one piece at a time.

Now with every exercise you take to define your style & closet I think it’s important to set goals. So for this exercise here is what I want to accomplish:

Figure out a current workhorse in my fall curated closet
Explore outfits that feel true to my style and determine ones that do not
Try to create more date night appropriate outfits

I have used the term “workhorse” or “closet essentials” a bunch in my blog. So I’m going to take a step back for a minute to explain why workhorse/essential items are so important in defining in your style & building your wardrobe.

By determining the pieces that are the most versatile, you have a better idea of what to invest in to keep your closet small. 

For example a basic button up shirt can be worn so many different ways. Under a sweater or jacket, tied around your waist, open over another shirt, tucked into pants or a skirt. It’s a very hard working piece of clothing. So if I want to add some color to my wardrobe I know that if I find a button up shirt that I like in a color & fabric that works for me then I’ll be able to wear it a bunch of different ways. Having the ability to create a  bunch of new looks by only adding one piece of clothing to your closet makes you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe with out bulking up your wardrobe with disjointed unnecessary extras.

For my versatility exercise I chose to work with the Dylan Tank from Only Child. I wanted to pick a base layer that was a little more dressy than a t-shirt or button up since I’m trying to stretch my imagination and create more dressy looks. I also love the neckline of this top and thought it would make a great base for layering.

Long Legs – My favorite thing about wide leg pants is how they can elongate your legs. It’s also a nice bottom-half refresh instead of skinny jeans which are still everywhere – and I still love them. These lovelies won’t be sticking around for winter but I am trying to look for a similar silhouette in a more practical fabric. Really loving these.

Fabrics – I know linen in fall is strange. But we’ve had an unusually warm fall this year and since the pants are black I’m perfectly ok with keeping them around. Linen is a fabric that I’ve really come to love with how it softens with every wear and feels so durable. I also love the texture of this top. It also feels durable while still soft which seems more practical as the weather starts to get colder.

The Jumpsuit Effect – If you saw my #stylebee10x10 challenge, you know how much I love a good jumpsuit illusion and this one is no exception. I truly love jumpsuits but have a hard time deciding which one to invest in. But by creating the affect with two pieces I already have I don’t have to worry about making a poor investment! Perfect!

Overall Sizing: Height – 5’5″, Weight – 130lbs., Bra Size – 34C, Waist – 27″, Hips – 39″
With all of my posts I want to give as detailed sizing and fit information as possible. Most sustainable brands are online and figuring out your right size can be challenging and a huge barrier to shopping responsibly. So I’m going to give all my measurements and thoughts on sizing for the pieces in my post to help others better gauge their own size 🙂

Back to this outfit. I love the way these pants fit (size 4 regular) with their stretchy waistband. I’m not too snug but they aren’t too loose on me either. At first I was thinking about going for the short length to make sure they were cropped but the regular hits exactly where I’d like – a little above ankle. I purchased the Dylan tank in a small. Overall I like the fit however the arm hole area dips a little low so you can sometimes see my bra. Not a problem when wearing a black bra! The v neck is just deep enough so I don’t feel too exposed but still have an interesting neckline. For length this hits right about at my hip bones – but you can’t tell since I have it tucked in 🙂 The Emma Kimono that I’m wearing comes in OS, OS- or OS+. I am wearing the OS and love how it drapes. Long enough to cover my rear if I decided to wear leggings but I don’t feel like I’m swimming in fabric.

outfit items: only child dylan tank (size: small)  / elizabeth suzann emma kimono in linen (size: os) / elizabeth suzann florence pants in linen (size: 4 regular) / madewell ankle boots (size: 7, tts) / primecut clutch

More outfits featuring the dylan tank coming soon!


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