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Versatility Exercise – Looks 2 & 3

November 18, 2016 No Comments

Versatility Exercise – Looks 2 & 3

November 18, 2016 No Comments

Happy Friday! I’m so happy it’s Friday – and I’m sure you are too! The last two weeks have been full of travel, exploring, learning & sharing and while it is so much fun to see & meet new people…I’m very tired. So I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, cleaning and some Christmas decorating!

But to finish off this Friday I wanted to share the next two looks in my versatility exercise and some thoughts on each outfit 🙂

Black/White: I will always be a fan of a good white and black combo. Some times it can be a sharp contrast but – in my opinion – my black bag helps blend the division from my top half and my boots.

Pockets: the reason why I love these pants so much is because of their pockets. Elizabeth Suzann puts so much thought into her garments’ construction and it truly shows. The pockets on the Clyde Work Pants are such a unique shape and can hold so many things.  The cut of the pocket is a U shape and is practical without adding extra bulk to the front of your pants. I love me a good pocket and these pants are and A+ in that department!

Structure Balance: this is an area I’m trying to work on in my personal style. I gravitate to oversized but I’m not sure I’m in love with those silhouettes. For this outfit I like how the structure on the top contrasts with the oversized open sweater and the slightly loose pants. This helps make the overall outfit not look so frumpy. I also really enjoy the 3/4 sleeve with the tiny pant cuff. It’s a nice mirroring that ties the two oversized pieces together with structure being at the heart.

Overall Sizing: Height – 5’5″, Weight – 130lbs., Bra Size – 34C, Waist – 27″, Hips – 39″
I’m wearing a size small in this cardigan. I’m usually in between an x-small & small at madewell but usually decide to go with a small in sweaters in order to layer. For this cardigan I think the small was definitely the right choice! I’m wearing the 4 regulars in the clyde work pants. On some days I think I could have done a 2 regular but on others – like this upcoming turkey day – I’ll be happy I stuck with 4. The Madewell Billie boots are true to size. If you wanted to wear super think and warm socks then maybe go up half a size but for normal everyday wear your normal size should work just fine.

outfit: madewell cardigan / dylan tank by only child / clyde work pants by elizabeth suzann / madewell billie boots / gap bag (old)

More Pockets: The pockets on the Madelyn Coat by Only Child are a live saver. I frequently drop whatever I’m holding, i.e. cell phone, wallet, keys, whatever, in these pockets. It saves me so much hassle. I’m known for setting something down mindlessly and then forgetting it and these pockets have been a life saver. I secretly – and not so secretly – hope Haley makes this coat in another color option some day, fingers crossed!

Oxblood Accent: I bought this bag in Greece on my honeymoon this past September and it was the beginning of my oxblood accessory obsession. So far I’ve added one other bag and am looking to purchase these lovelies next month to add to my collection. It adds just a subtle amount of color that makes an outfit that much more interesting. I love leaning on this color especially for the holidays instead of my normal black accessories. I also love it pair with olive & deep emerald – all of the heart eyes.

Boyfriend Jeans, meh: These babies are pretty old. Probably around 3 years and haven’t gotten much wear until this past year. I loved them when I tried them on in the store. The denim color, shape, length. All of it. But when they came home the magical love I felt at the store wore off. For some reason – not sure why – I decided to hold on to them. Now I’m so glad that I did!

Overall Sizing: Height – 5’5″, Weight – 130lbs., Bra Size – 34C, Waist – 27″, Hips – 39″
This coat is one of my favorite “throw on” pieces when it’s just a little bit chilly out. It’s almost like an after thought to all of my outfits. An oversized fit but by having the 3/4″ sleeve it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I also love that if I wear something that’s long sleeve it peaks out underneath. For the boyfriend jeans I sized down a size – normally a 27 and these are a 26. I’ve noticed this is a common theme with Madewell’s boyfriend jeans so something to keep in mind when shopping for a pair! As for my main squeeze in these outfits, I’m wearing a size small and you can see more detailed fit info here.

outfit: madelyn coat by only child / dylan tank by only child / madewell boyfriend jeans (old, similar here) / everlane modern loafer / handbag handmade in Greece (similar here)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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