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Versatility Exercise – Looks 4 & 5

November 23, 2016 No Comments

Versatility Exercise – Looks 4 & 5

November 23, 2016 No Comments

I’m actually writing this post only hours before I’m hoping to share it. I promise one day I will be more organized! With Thanksgiving only a few days away and having to pack an entire work week into only a couple of days, it makes things more hectic than usual. But I’m looking forward to time with family and friends and a little Christmas shopping while my mom is in the city 🙂

Now here are the last two looks in my exercise! Both are more on the street style side which is probably the most appropriate style for my every day.

Surprise Layers: I’ve mentioned this before but one of my favorite things about this coat are it’s 3/4 sleeves so that the layer underneath shows. In this look I especially love the pop of olive underneath. Since my fall back outfits tend to be all black, I like to find ways to add a little color to break up the outfit. The cardigan under this coat is the perfect trick! Never underestimate the statement of a crop sleeve – even if it might be a little less practical in a frigid climate 🙂

Fake Crop: I’ve found the fake jean crop very helpful with my taller shaft ankle boots. I first experimented with fake cropping my jeans when I tried to wear some of my taller shaft boots with my normal skinnies. It caused a horribly awkward bunch and tucking them in wasn’t an option. So the only thing to do was fake crop. I’ve liked the look of crop jeans so much that I decided to try it even when it wasn’t a necessary to avoid awkward bunching. I especially love it in this outfit because the crop ankle mirrors the crop sleeve in the jacket and makes the overall look feel more updated and modern.

White Sneakers: I love looks with white sneakers. But honestly I don’t wear them terribly often. Sometimes I think it makes my looks too sporty. But as I peruse Pinterest I am drawn to white sneaker looks. It’s something that I’m going to continue to play around with. So even though I don’t wear these as much as I would like I don’t regret the purchase at all. First of all they are sustainably made and very comfortable. Also, if I have a ton of walking to do in the city they’re my go to with a more athleisure look. Even though my goal is to build a wardrobe of pieces I love to wear and wear constantly I still enjoy having a couple of pieces that stretch my creativity and break my norm so my style doesn’t become placid or boring.

Overall Fit: Height – 5’5″, Weight – 130lbs., Bra Size – 34C, Waist – 27″, Hips – 39″
As I’ve mentioned before the Madelyn Coat by Only Child is one size fits all and I find it very cozy and not overbearing on my 5’5″ frame. My high waist Joe’s Jeans are a size 27 and the length was a little long on me but I had them hemmed – and then fake cropped, ha! They have a good balance of stretch and hold so there is no sagging in unwanted areas. My olive cardigan is from Madewell and I’m wearing a size small. The sleeves are a little long and I may have been able to get away with an x-small but I like that I can layer under it without feeling constricted. My white sneakers are from Veja which is a responsible and transparent sneaker company based in France. I’m a normal size 7 in shoes so I ordered the 38 in these and they fit perfectly!

outfit: madelyn coat by only child / dylan tank by only child / the graduate cardigan from madewell / joe’s high waist jeans / veja esplar leather extra white / cuyana tote / beanie from urban outfitters

Black & White Round 2: since once again black is the prominent color in this outfit the white acts as the break up color.

Elevated Simplicity: This outfit is made up of varying textures that help add interest to this otherwise basic outfit. The button up is actually a flannel shirt and the texture of it makes it appear softer than a normal cotton shirt. The Dylan tank is made up dead stock tencel & rayon which makes it sturdy and comfortable. Then the jeans are a dark bluish grey that almost look black at times but are much more interesting than solid black pants.

Key Accessories: I think the accessories really help make this outfit. The grey hat is a nice contrast to the white/cream flannel and overall black look. Then the shininess from the tote bag and shoes make the outfit a little more sharp and stand out nicely against the jeans.

Overall Fit: Height – 5’5″, Weight – 130lbs., Bra Size – 34C, Waist – 27″, Hips – 39″
My flannel is a size small and since it is flannel I was a little worried about it shrinking so I’m happy I stuck with a small. I already spoke on the jeans above and dylan tank in past posts so that’s all I really have on fit!

outfit: madewell oversized ex-boyfriend flannel / dylan tank by only child / joe’s high waist jeans / everlane modern loafers / cuyana tote / beanie from zara

If any of you have done a similar challenge with a piece in your closet please let me know! Or if you have any other creativity hacks up your sleeves – yes the pun was intended.


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