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Curated Closet for Winter ’16

December 7, 2016 3 Comments

Curated Closet for Winter ’16

December 7, 2016 3 Comments

Hi friends! This post is a little bit of a doozy with some feels & appreciation along with sharing everything in my winter closet but I hope you stick with me! I’m sharing some foresight into next year as well as info on every item currently sticking around for winter. Hope you enjoy!

Winter closet is here! And in other exciting – at least to me – news, I’ve done one full year of capsules! I’ve learned so much through this process and probably the most profound insights were developed around my style. In ways, my style has greatly evolved and in others not so much. I still gravitate towards black when I don’t know what else to do. But my silhouettes have definitely expanded. There’s also the shop small mentality that has developed and I definitely plan on keeping it around.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself but as the new year starts creeping up on us I can’t help but reflect on my blogging & general style searching experience. There are so many things I want to do and share in this space! From general fundamental goals like stick to a schedule – & actually stick to it – to creating my own style workbooks and mini lessons, for a lack of a better term, around sustainability. I’ve tried the “just dive right in” approach here but really want to refine my process and try to dedicate more time to this and you! I haven’t said it before but I really really do appreciate all of you that come to check out my little crazy sometimes schizophrenic style project 🙂

I’m saving some of my big learnings from completing a full year of capsules for a new year post but I still want to talk through my thought process for this winter closet.

Some things have definitely stuck around. I find that this happens with many capsule wardrobers is that they find items in their seasonal closets carrying over it other seasons which creates this feeling of only truly needing one seasonless wardrobe. While weather inhibits me from doing that, I do understand the urge. I’m definitely starting to see the line fade between my fall and winter capsule and the same goes for spring and summer. Another small 2017 prelude, I may be shifting to spring/summer & fall/winter closets in the new year 🙂

The overall color scheme this winter is forrest green with oxblood accents through accessories. I’m finding that these colors exude a nice holiday feel without being to in-your-face with red and green. I’m also mixing in warm camels and my normal neutrals of cream, grey and black.

Honestly, I think this is my favorite curated closet yet!

Starting with top left box
1. Aritzia black lace camisole size: x-small (probably need a small) – I added this camisole to make sure I had something that was a little dressy in my closet. I’m not 100% sure it directly ties with my style but I’m going to play around with it and see.
2. Gap stripe turtleneck size: small; other options: Amour Vert – I’m excited to try layering this one! I think turtlenecks will be on constant rotation with the bitter wind in Chicago. I think everyone should have a striped turtleneck as a base in their closet!
3. Black Crane square shirt in green size: small – I found this secondhand and jumped at the opportunity to add another Black Crane piece to my closet. I also wanted another slightly nicer top in my wardrobe which mostly skews towards sweaters.
4. Madewell black & white checkered size: small – button ups are always so versatile for me. I especially love this one since it is a pattern which my wardrobe in general lacks but still very much neutral so it’s easy to mix in.
5. Only Child dylan tank size: small – this is a carry over from fall 🙂 a lovely base layer than I’m not only planning on wearing under some comfy cardigans but also as a vest over a turtleneck!
6. Gap grey turtleneck size: small; other options: Splendid, Everlane, Amour Vert – another neck saving basic and ultra soft!
7. Urban Outfitters white button up size: small; other options: Everlane, Brass Clothing, Suzanne Rae – I have searched for the perfect white button up for a long time. I found this one several years ago and it has several details such as extra long cuffs and a more tunic-like fit that I love but I’m still on the hunt for a button up basic.

starting with top left box
1. Everlane crop crew sweater size: x-small – another secondhand gem. You all know how I love a high waist and crop top so this was a no brainer addition.
2. Free People softly v sweater size: small – and here’s another carry over from fall! I just couldn’t part with this color and love how it blends with the overall forrest green, camel, black, grey thing that’s going on. This is also very much a go to when I want to be comfortable but still put together.
3. Madewell cable sweater size: small; similar options: Diarte Jasper  – this guy is a closet veteran. Another go to especially for a nice dinner. It’s great with a skirt and just a good with boyfriend jeans. Plus the color is gorgeous.
4. Madewell seabank cardigan size: small – hello to another fall crossover! I purchased this in fill a black cardigan void in my life but, sadly, I’m not 100% that it’s the right fit. Even though I’ve been working on making smarter purchase decisions I slip up every now and then! We’ll see how it handles winter.
5. Madewell snowball (at least that’s what I call it! and this is the crew neck version) – sweater size: small – I love this sweater and it was a gift from my nana last Christmas. It is so much fun and I like to think it brings out my quirky side 😛
6. Madewell high low turtleneck sweaters size: small; similar options: Everlane, Osei-Duro – black sweater turtleneck. Nough said. But really just like base layer turtlenecks, everyone needs a sweater turtleneck too!
7. Zara cream sweater size: large; similar options:  – Fall again! So I think more fall crossed over than I realized…this sweater is also a long term resident and one of my favorites. I absolutely love the neckline. While it is long gone I have found one that is similar.
8. Madewell grey cardigan size: small – I love this sweater. I want to sleep in this sweater. Madewell sweaters are a weakness of mine that I some day want to get control of but I really do love this ultra soft and cozy sweater.
9. Zara hood cardigan size: medium – this was a Christmas present from my mom several years ago. A size larger than I would normally wear but I wanted a more oversized feel. I like to think of it as my version of Lauren Manoogian’s Capote Coat until I can save up and buy my own – all the heart eyes.

starting with top left box
1. Madewell summer boyfriend jeans size: 26 – The wash on these is like none other. I’m also very drawn to a more relaxed fit lately. Excited to style these this winter and my guess is they’ll be sticking around for spring and summer. Look at that season cross-over!
2. Joe’s high waist jeans size: 27 – I found these at Nordstrom Rack several years ago. They were originally too long and I wasn’t as crazy about the high waist then as I am now. They sat for a while unworn but I’m glad I kept them around 🙂
3. AG legging ankle jeans size: 27 – this style is one of my favorites. They have stretch but hold their shape so well. They are also the perfect length! Really a no brainer.
4. Madewell boyfrend jeans size: 26 – another purchase that didn’t have much thought at the time – sale rack weakness. But again I’m glad I kept them because several years later they are one of my favorite pairs. An easy to wear break away from my normal skinny. I think these guys are going on one full year in closet rotation!
5. Fidelity jeans size: 25 – these were actually a gift and I absolutely love the wash. It’s almost a true blue but with a very subtle grey to them. They also hold their shape incredibly well and become softer with each wear.
6. AG legging ankle jeans size: 27 – round two in black 🙂
7. Madewell black skirt size: 2; similar option Amour Vert – another basic sale find several years ago but has become a dressy go to for holiday parties when I’m not exactly sure what to do.
8. Madewell emerald midi skirt size: small; similar option Ali Golden – this was an addition to my closet last year. Again love the forrest color and the midi length is a nice change.

1. Jcrew cocoon coat size: 4 – Cocoon style coats are my favorite. One of my first blog posts was about my cocoons. Last year this was my most worn coat and I’m guessing that trend will continue this year. I’m so happy they updated the style to have side slant pockets. Horizontal pockets are just not practical in winter!
2. Madewell sweater coat size: small – I gave into a weakness with this one. I have always wanted a sweater coat and couldn’t find a suitable sustainable option. While I’ll still be on the look out, I do love this one. I’m excited to layer it on this winter and the color is a beautiful camel – again with slant pockets!

starting with top left box
1. Madewell ankle boots size: 7 – I wear these puppies a ton. Another easy dress up which is something I like to have in my wardrobe. I think eventually I’d like a Rachel Comey pair but these are perfect for now.
2. Everlane modern loafers size: 7.5 – if you’ve been reading along you know my love for these shoes. So much love I even found them secondhand in olive!
3. Michael Kors boots size: 7 similar here – love the color of these. I’m hesitant to wear suede shoes but couldn’t pass up this color.
4. Veja esplar leather extra white size: 38 – sustainably made tennis shoes! I’ve always wanted a solid white pair of sneakers and was happy to find a sustainably made pair.
5. Everlane brixton boot Size: 7.5 – these lovelies will always have a place in my closet. Since I’ve had them I’ve worn them more times than I can count! Another classic for a modern or classic ladies’ closet.
6. Everlane modern loafer size: 7.5 – oh look! Second pair in olive!

So that is everything! I told ya it was going to be a long one! I’ll give more details on fit in future outfit posts. I feel like this is one of my most cohesive closets yet. I’m excited to mix and match, further define my style and practice balancing function & warmth with overall aesthetic. Stay tuned!



  • Laura December 13, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Love the color pallette of your winter capsule! I wish I could own more turtlenecks but it’s just too warm where I live. So I usually stick to cardigans, which carry over better for me into most seasons. I’ve been curious about the Madewell backstage cardigan you mentioned, has it pilled yet for you? I saw some mixed reviews on the pilling so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. My other contender was the Everlane wool cardigan.

    • Allison Metcalfe December 14, 2016 at 8:51 pm

      Hi Laura!Thank you! I’m so glad you like it 🙂 Cardigans are another great option! I pretty much always have a cardigan hanging around because you never know. I do have some thoughts on the Madewell backstage cardigan. First, I love it. It’s basically a pretty/socially acceptable blanket. The sleeves are a little long which I love and just roll them if they get in my way. I have noticed some piling but the overall texture is a little fuzzy so it isn’t bothering me. This may be a preference thing but I would buy this again and am actually thinking about adding the cream version to my birthday list 🙂 I do love Everlane as well but I do not personally have any experience with their wool cardigan. My other sweater items from them have held up well though. Hope this kind of helps with your decision!xo, Allison

  • michelle March 21, 2017 at 3:07 am

    I thought about those everlane boots for sooo long!!…couldn’t find any trusted reviews out there and now it’s too late. If I find them secondhand one day, this will help. If the rubber soles wear down, do you think they can they replaced/repaired? Thx.

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