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Winter Details

December 15, 2016 2 Comments

Winter Details

December 15, 2016 2 Comments

These past few weeks have been very busy in our household with finalizing gifts, holiday parties and finalizing/getting ready for some holiday traveling that’s coming up. So far my winter closet has been great even though we’ve had unseasonably cold temperatures! My turtleneck base layers have been especially important these past few days!

This outfit definitely highlights how I’m wearing my turtlenecks to stay warm this season. I’m also working on focusing on little details to elevate outfits even more. This outfit is so cozy and I never felt too fluffed up or bunchy in all of these layers. I would say this is a go to layering look in my closet right now.

More thoughts on this outfit below 🙂

ALL THE LAYERS – if you’ve been with me for a little while you know I love layers. They are a bit tricky though. If your bottom layer is a little oversized or flowy then you can look lumpy and frumpy. I also have a personal pet peeve when base layers peek out awkwardly. Fortunately in this look all of the peek-a-boos from my turtleneck are making me smile. I’ve had some layer struggles in the past but so far my winter closet has been extremely easy in the layering department. I can layer with no effort and ease which is wonderful for cold mornings! So overall learning is to keep base layers form fitting. Next challenge will be to perfect oversized layering but I’ll save that for a different season.

LITTLE DETAILS – Really the layering is what creates the details that I love in this look. First with the turtleneck showing under the button up shirt. Then I actually rolled up my sleeves so that the turtleneck showed underneath a little bit more. I like that it adds another pop of light grey in my otherwise all black base outfit. I did have the turtleneck showing at the bottom of my plaid shirt since it is fairly long but felt that made the overall look too sloppy. I think it’s definitely important to edit your details. Too much can be overwhelming and not look cohesive. And don’t be afraid to experiment with rolling or cuffing! That’s what I did with this look and found that I love this super simply but easy style edit!

NEUTRAL PATTERNS – I think I’ve touched on this before but I love patterns I just don’t work with them very often/well. However, plaids are my gateway to patterns and this black and white button up has so far been just as versatile as some of my solids. I like that it breaks up this otherwise very color block look but it doesn’t completely disrupt it. The undertones are still black with pops of light grey then a camel sweater coat so the overall feel is cozy and not too dark. The pattern adds so much dimension and even almost a textural element that contrasts nicely with the oversized cozy sweater coat.

SWEATER COAT – I have been wanting a sweater coat for a while now. I have been trying for an ethical option but have had no luck. I am very happy with this purchase decision though. The coat comes down a little below my knees and the drop sleeves help keep the pieces underneath from bunching. It has side slant pockets which are a must for me and the collar adds a little masculine element giving the coat a little more structure. I also absolutely love the color. Camel is a favorite of mine but sometimes it can be an interesting mix with my red hair! The only downside is that this coat doesn’t close! A small predicament when you live in a city where the temps drop below 0! I’m working on some tips/tricks for how to hack a buttonless/zipperless coat in winter which I’ll share in a future post soon! I’m still on the look out for an ethically made sweater coat so if anyone knows of one that is similar to the Madewell version please let me know!

OVERALL FIT – Height: 5’5″, Weight: 130lbs, Bra Size: 34C, Waist: 27″, Hips: 39″, Shoe Size: 7 (true to size)
outfit: madewell rivington sweater coat (size: small)/ madewell ex-boyfriend shirt in windowpane plaid (size: small)/ gap turtleneck (size: small) / ag legging ankle jeans (size: 27) / everlane modern loafers (size: 7.5) / marc jacobs handbag (purchased secondhand similar option here)

I went with my normal sizes in just about everything. I got a small in the sweater coat and it is oversized enough to fit bulky sweaters and layers underneath it. The turtleneck is form fitting enough without feeling too constricting. The button up is a tiny bit oversized on me with the small so that I can layer underneath it. These jeans are one of my favorites. The inseam is perfect for me at 28″ a tiny tiny bit cropped but I love it.

Have any of you worked on mastering winter layering? If so please share below and thank you for stopping by!



  • Dana Leigh Lyons December 18, 2016 at 1:39 am

    Loving your colour palette and style, Allison! Also your line about plaids as a "gateway to patterns":) I’m so about black and grey…and more black and grey. But feeling pulled toward a black-grey-plaid like this one. Thank you for the inspiration on these cold Canada days!

    • Allison Metcalfe December 21, 2016 at 4:15 am

      Hi Dana – Thank you so much! I tend to wear a bunch of black and grey too but have loved this pattern addition, If your budget allows for it I think you’ll love it as well! Button ups are just so versatile and easy to work with!. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post and thank you for stopping by 🙂
      xo, Allison

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