Dress Pants


I never thought jeans could be worn under a dress. The concept seemed odd and sure to be unflattering. But this past Christmas I tried a pair of black skinnies under my buffalo plaid dress and it was great. Since the dress was a flannel material, it would always stick or awkwardly ride up on my leggings leading to embarrassing moments of exposure - not good. With skinny jeans that's not a problem at all and it looks the exact same! 

I decided to take my Christmas discovery and use it as a way to transition to spring and warmer weather. Wearing skinnies under my dresses make them so much more versatile and adds a fun layering and texture component. And I don't have to wait until June to wear my dresses! So much winning is happening right now! For this look I added a pair of heeled sandals since the dresses is close to a midi length and I wanted to give my legs a little length. I'm looking forward to finding more unique ways for layering while the temperatures are still fluctuating.


Outfit: Madewell Black and White Checkered Dress / White Jeans (similar), lower price option / Coach Black Heels (similar) / Anthropologie Purse


Allison KarabaComment