Closet Thinning

Today I’m going to share how I thin out my closet. I’ve been doing this for years even before I started working towards a capsule closet.  Some day I would love to have a clothing rack like this one from Shop the Other on Etsy so I can hang all of my main and favorite pieces from my closet. But first I have to work on narrowing things down a bit. Below is a diagram of questions that I ask myself as I go through each item in my closet. Keeping a list of questions in mind helps me think about how much I want to keep something. It’s also nice to have reminders that if you can sell it that means you have more money for your next investment piece or just in general – who doesn’t love a little extra money?  And another thought that helps me is thinking about how clean and neat my closet will be after I get rid of all the things I never wear!


Another method you can do is from author Marie Kondo of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which is to ask yourself “Does this bring me joy?” Now you have to be honest with yourself and not hold on to it just because you worry that you’ll need it someday. Does it really bring you joy. If yes keep it either in your closet or store it. If not then feel free to toss it! Not only are these methods applicable for your closet but your home as well.

I hope this helps others lean out their closet a little even if it’s only a few things :) 



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