Bike Ride


When I was little I loved riding my bike around my neighborhood. And every summer when we'd take our annual trip to Sanibel, my mom and I would ride our bikes every day. 

This is my second year bringing out my little mint beach cruiser - a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law :) -  and I got to remember how much I enjoy biking around the city.  River and I will mostly use our bikes to run errands but on this trip we broke up our normal chores and went for a fun ride along Lakeshore. 

It was nice to take some time and just have fun and enjoy the sun! Most days I feel like a hermit and just want to sit inside with my fur babies & Netflix. But days like this one are important reminders that it's good to get outside! 

Ok now small segway into outfit + hair. 

I did a half knot. And I liked it. 

I know. I'm going trendy and I feel a little like an urban hipster. Not sure if it's a work week kind of style for me but definitely expect the half knot to make an appearance on the weekend!

Also, I would like to always live in this shirt. Light weight + stripes (VERTICAL stripes) + short sleeves with an oversized fit = love. 

Allison KarabaComment