Finding Style


Surprisingly, my summer capsule has helped me connect with my style more than ever. Maybe it’s because of the extremely hot weather but I am more attuned to what does not feel right on my body and what I do not feel confident in. 

In my mind I had a plan for how this was going to work. I had done several methods & rounds of planning out my summer capsule but it seems that I inevitably went off course. I’ve always been the kind of person that will work towards something and then all of a sudden it clicks without any real reason. My style is one of those areas where it is finally starting to click. Maybe it’s just that I struggle with abstract concepts but style takes tons of work. In concept it sounds so easy, 1. Hold up item 2. Do I like this? 3. Yes or No but it’s really much more. For example I love looking at bright colors. Peacocks, flowers, rainbows all awesome. But I don’t feel great wearing bright colors. So in the past I’d go shopping with my friends and see a bright turquoise tribal print summer dress and it would be such a pretty color that I would buy it. But it really doesn’t fit in with my mostly neutral tones, over sized & laid back style. So for the tribal print dress that’s a beautiful shade of turquoise in my closet, I’m sorry but I probably will be selling you at some point. Or maybe re-purpose? That might be a fun area to explore!

So in this post I wanted to talk specifically about dresses. Somehow, in an unplanned way, I’ve started to dissect every category of clothing I have and gone through an exercise of “Is this me?”, “Do I feel good wearing it?”, & “Is it comfortable to wear?” 


And unfortunately for this heart dress that was originally planned in my summer capsule it didn’t not answer “yes” to any of those questions. The straps were a little too long on me so my strapless bra would show in the back. The heart print was a little too busy for my liking even though they are in neutral tones. It just felt a little to cheetah-y. And the cut was also just a little too low for my personal comfort. 

I do like how the dress flows and the high-low hem but overall it just doesn’t fit. 

And now enters the dress that is completely me. Slightly over sized fit, a great & comfortable fabric, modest neckline/hemline and a solid color - not to mention it has awesome pockets! So out goes the heart dress and in comes the new. 

I know that part of this exercise is shopping less. And I want to get there. But as of right now I’m really trying to get my style right and invest in those items that will help me get to a “shop even less” phase - I keep saying this but I promise a “How I Afford my Wardrobe” post is coming soon!

Pairing this dress with one of my favorite shoes & clutch from Primecut was just so easy and made me feel beautiful for my date night! 

I do strongly believe there are days where putting on a t-shirt and jeans is necessary and needed. But I love the feeling of putting on an outfit that is put together and 100% you. The ultimate goal is to feel great in your own skin and clothes! 


Outfit: only child x style bee linen blend dress (they still have some left!) / coclico rose wedge sandal / primecut salt & pepper clutch / ray-ban sunglasses / the horse watch

*happy to say this whole outfit was sustainably made minus the ray-bans :)

At some point I’ll share more of a deep dive of how I’m getting to my style and fill out a style profile but I don’t have it perfected yet. So when I do you’ll be the first to know :) 


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