Summer 10x10 Challenge Recap

Here is a recap of my Summer 10x10 Challenge! I wanted to share all of the looks I created, my favorites & then reconnect on the questions/things I wanted to focus on when I first started this challenge.

So here are all the looks I created! Overall I was very happy with the outcome and pieces that I chose.

And here are my favorites that I'll definitely be taking note of for Summer '17. I was really digging monochromatic outfits in this challenge!

Below are the questions/areas I wanted to explore with my style and what I found:

Figure out who the true work horses are in my wardrobe 
Through this exercise I definitely figured out some pieces that were easy to create outfits from. 
- Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee in Black Linen - effortless throw on piece that is more refined that a t-shirt
- Elizabeth Suzann Petra Crop Top - I could wear this top everyday and feel put together. I plan on carrying it over into my fall wardrobe and use it as a base for layering :)
- Black Wedges from No.6 - these babies could have gone with every outfit easily and that makes them a rock star in my mind! So comfortable and I’m actually wearing them right now!

Get even more creative in layering
I think my black linen shirt is going to be a big player in the layering concepts of my wardrobe. I was super happy with the look of it over my Only Child dress. My other layered looks was eh, ok. I loved the color scheme but I think I need to stick to skinny or tighter pants under dresses instead of something that’s more loose.

Find some new silhouettes
I think look #1 was a very different silhouette and color scheme for me. I found that I am really wanting more of this crop top high wait in my wardrobe and I’m super excited to transition that silhouette into fall by adding an oversized cardigan or coat to it! Only Child Madelyn Wool Coat I’m looking at you!

Refine my style even more
Decide on some pieces that I would like to carry over to my fall capsule. 
Oh I’ve found them. You’ll definitely see the ES linen top, ES crop top & the ES clyde work pants and I’m oh so excited!

Overall Takeaways
1. I gravitate towards pieces that are elevated basics and I think this really speaks to my overall style.
2. Crop top + high waist will be a new go-to silhouette
3. I like wide leg jeans & am toying with the idea of finding something comparable for fall

For me personally this was a very valuable challenge and helped me further understand my personal style. I encourage all of you to pick out 10 items in your closet and try it out yourself! It’s also super helpful for creating a packing list!

If you have done a similar challenge I'd love to hear what you learned about your own style!



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