Outfits No. 5 & 6 - Summer '16 10x10


Time for looks 5 and 6! I know, I know, white pants white wall. But sometimes you just have to work with what you've got!

So for these two outfits I'm focusing on my Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Pants. I'm sorry - but kind of not - that ES has been all over this blog and especially this mini capsule challenge. I just seriously love her work and the quality is impeccable. So it's safe to say you will continue to see ES pieces on here and in my fall capsule because I'm a true fan-girl :)

A few people have messaged me and asked how I like the fit of these pants so I thought I would take these two outfits to give you my review!


I actually emailed ES customer service to 100% make sure I was ordering the right size for the look I wanted - 4-5 weeks production time is no joke! I wanted the pants to be relaxed just like they look on the model. For reference here are my measurements, height: 5’5” weight: 130lbs and my waist is slightly smaller than my hips (waist 26 ½ - 27” & hips closer to 39”). Sometimes relaxed fit jeans will be really tight on my hips and thighs but baggy in the waist so these pants were a little bit of a gamble for me. However, I ended up ordering a size 4 - was debating between 4 & 6 - and they fit perfectly! I also love the length when rolled all the way down or with one or two rolls for more of a crop.


These pants are made out of 100% cotton twill - fyi twill is a diagonal weave technique which can be done with any type of fiber just in case you didn't know :) Definitely a little on the structured side at first, they seem to be getting softer as I wear them. And with that being said I feel like the rear area has stretched out a little but I believe it will tighten up again after washing. The material is sturdy and may feel a little heavy for a summer pant but since it is 100% cotton there is a nice breathability about them. The color I choose is Natural Cotton Twill and while it looks bright white in photos it is actually more off white.


The pockets on these pants are amazing. I greatly appreciate ES's attention to detail when it comes to pockets. I can hold my phone & work badge in just one pocket! Unheard of for women's pants. Even though the pants are a whitish cream they have not gotten dirty and I have worn them several times already before washing. I also love the cut of the pants. There is enough room to move and run around and do errands comfortably. They also can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a night out and look just as wonderful :) 


Outfit No. 5: elizabeth suzann black linen shirt / elizabeth suzann clyde pants / coclico platforms / opelle x style bee tam tam bag

Outfit No. 6: elizabeth suzann petra crop top / elizabeth suzann clyde pants / no6 wedges / opelle x style bee tam tam bag

If there are any other pieces that I own that you'd like to see a review for please let me know!



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