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WINTER 10×10 – LOOKS 7 & 8

January 30, 2017 1 Comment

WINTER 10×10 – LOOKS 7 & 8

January 30, 2017 1 Comment

Almost to the end of my 10×10! A super busy agenda and last minute family plans have delayed my outfit posts. But I was very happy to see my father-in-law this weekend and to have a little bit of resting time. I’m also feeling a cold coming on so I’m trying to take it as easy as possible so I don’t get too sick!

Today I’m sharing outfits 7 & 8 then tomorrow will be 9 & 10! Then a little wrap up of the challenge and getting ready for Paris!  I’ve already started my packing list, I get so excited about packing, and I’ll be sharing it on here! But enough about future plans and on to today’s outfits!

Like some of my past looks, these are very opposite. One is focused on comfort and tests out a slightly corky way to style socks while the other is more safe and structured.



This is a perfectly fine outfit it just isn’t my favorite. Totally acceptable and I would wear it again but it doesn’t excite me like some of the others do. However it is comfortable so really not too many complaints!

SCARVES – I haven’t worn scarves as all day accessories in a while. Mostly because I always end up getting food crumbs in them when I eat. Not pretty. I also struggle with patterns but I’m always drawn towards scarves with patterns! It’s very odd. So I usually end up buying a scarf in the store then a few days or weeks later I no longer like it. I have kind of cut out scarves from my shopping budget unless I need one that is more practical for cold weather and not all day wear. However, this look kind of brought back the spark of scarves for me and how they can be a great accessory. Especially if your wardrobe lacks color like mine does 🙂

ACCESSORIES – you can’t see it in all of the photos but I really upped my accessory game in this outfit. First with the scarf, which we talked about, then I added a statement ring from Ali Munn, a watch and bracelet then finally some earrings. I used to wear a ton of jewelry with multiple bracelets on my arms and layering necklaces like a fiend. But now I’ve been taking a more minimalist approach to jewelry – except when rings are involved. But to balance out the scarf I decided to up my hand jewelry game. It made me stop and plan out my jewelry instead of wearing what I always do: two delicate gold rings, watch and initials necklace. It was a nice break from my norm and made me see that it pays off to put a little more thought into your accessories.

SLEEK – it’s amazing how a dark skinny and black shoe can automatically make an outfit look sleek and put together. If I had worn my boyfriend jeans with this it would have had a totally different vibe. If I’m ever going out to dinner or even a client meeting I will normally wear very dark jeans and some sort of black shoe. Funny how a color/shade can completely change the mood of an outfit.



In the future I might not have these rating scores. It will be more of a yes/no situation. since pretty much all of my outfits are between a 10 and 7! For me this outfit is definitely a yes! It’s cozy and still interesting with little peek-a-boo socks!

THREES – in this outfit I really like how my shirt, boots & bag all tie together since they are all the same color. It makes the outfit more cohesive and makes the sweater and jeans pop a bit more. I never want to seem too matchy matchy – unless it’s a fake jumpsuit outfit – but I do love the symmetry here.

PEEK-A-BOO SOCKS – it seems these days that so many people are experimenting with socks! I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ways that I can bring this trend into my style with pieces that I already have. My main inspiration has come from these pins: one, twothree, four & five.While I by no means have an awesome clog + sock combo going on in this look, I do like what I’m calling the peek-a-boo sock. The trick is to find a thick and cozy knit sock and scrunch the top so it fills in the gap between your crop jeans and boots. These jeans aren’t exactly crops but I did cuff them to try out the affect and I love it! I see this trick as a new way to make my crop jeans work harder. Since no one wants exposed ankles in winter I would normally avoid any sort of crop style because it just wasn’t practical. But now I’m going to try to fill the gap with a cozy sock! A new little style twist and a way to wear another closet item year round! Double wins!

looks 7: jamie and the jones T sweater (size: small) / joes high waist jeans (size: 27) / everlane brixton boots (size: 7.5) / scarf (old from Target, similar here) / ali munn ring / opelle handbag

look 8: zara sweater (old, similar here) / madewell ex-boyfriend shirt (size: small) / boyfriend jeans (old, similar here) / gap socks (similar here) / everlane brixton boots / cuyana tote


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  • rachel February 1, 2017 at 8:52 am

    Love all your 10×10 looks.
    I already had peep toe clogs on my spring shopping list and those pins have confirmed I need some!

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