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WINTER 10×10 – LOOKS 9 & 10

February 1, 2017 No Comments

WINTER 10×10 – LOOKS 9 & 10

February 1, 2017 No Comments

The last two outfits! IT has taken me a while to wrap up this challenge. Going from two posts a week to trying to post one every day is definitely a challenge and has really shaken up my routine! But I’m happy to share my last two looks and I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned about my winter style through this challenge in a wrap-up post!

Now onto the outfits!

Both of these looks are the same at the bottom but I like the look on the right way more than the look on the left. Funny how an outfit can be so similar but give such a different vibe!


I would classify this outfit as a “no” in my current style. The button up is making the top shirt a little too frumpy and the rolled sleeves, boyfriend jeans and boots make the overall style a little too masculine for me. I don’t mind adding some masculine pieces into my wardrobe but usually like to incorporate only one of two masculine notes in one look. More than that and it just doesn’t feel like me. One thing I do like about this look are the color combinations. I also love how the plaid pokes out in the back.

Normally I would break into specifics that I like about this outfit but I feel like I’ve talked out all of these pieces already!


Now this look I love! I think I’ve found a new uniform for winter!

base layer turtleneck + oversized sweater + (insert any bottoms) + ankle boots

Easy layering win and I’ve already used this formula in some of my other outfits in this challenge. Any time a print makes an unexpected appearance in an outfit, I’m a fan. I love how the stripes show and the top and sleeves. Again I only pick a couple places for the bottom layer to show through. It makes the effect subtle but still noticeable. Then I opted for an oxblood bag instead of my traditional black to add a little warm to the look.

Also, my hair is curled! Haven’t done that in a while. Most of the time I just let my hair air dry or I’ll blow dry it in no particular style. But this time I tried a little wave and forgot just how fast and easy it is to do! It was a nice reminder that I can actually do something with my hair and it won’t take me hours to do.

look 9: madewell ex-boyfriend shirt (size: small) / black crane square shirt (size: small; in black & in gold) / madewell boyfriend jeans (similar here) / everlane brixton boot (size: 7.5) / cuyana tote

look 10: jamie + the jones t sweater (size: small) / gap stripe turtleneck (size: small; sustainable option here) / madewell boyfriend jeans (similar here) / everlane brixton boot (size: 7.5) / cambridge satchel


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