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February 3, 2017 1 Comment


February 3, 2017 1 Comment

Another challenge in the books! Granted this was only my third one but I feel like I’ve really learned a great deal from doing these exercises.

This time around I wore my outfits for two work weeks straight (I let myself have the weekends off). It was more difficult than I thought it’d be. I was a little worried that people would be like “wait….you wore that yesterday” but that never happened – at least that I know if 😉

I also started to get antsy. I’ll admit it that during the last week I was getting a little restless and bored of the same four shirts. But I stuck it out because I wanted to see how all of these outfits would feel after a full day of wear. It did make me appreciate my current minimal closet and it made it feel so much bigger than it really is! I feel like there is so much I can do with my current winter closet now after being limited to 10 pieces for two weeks!

So to summarize and conclude this #winter10x10 I wanted to share all of the outfits I made, my favorite three outfits and what I learned. Lets get started!

There were a bunch of looks that I loved from this 10×10 but I forced myself to pick just three. I love the first one because it is the purist form of my new winter formula – base layer turtleneck + oversized top + skinnies + ankle boots. It’s clean and sharp and makes me feel put together while still being comfortable. The second look has the high waist action that I love. And the statement necklace just brings it all together. The last one involved a little sock innovation that seems so small but was definitely a style changer for me. I love socks so why not show them off!

1. I really need to work on my dress game. I feel like this is something I’ve realized in the past but I’ve been ignoring it. I’m proud of the outfits I came up with but I think I could have created more dynamic and interesting outfits if I had incorporated a dress. However, normally I’m not super comfortable in a dress and we know how I feel about tights – if you’re new here I was a ballerina for about 14 years and I’m way over tights. But they can add so much dimension to your outfit. Also, maybe my problem is that I haven’t found my perfect dress material or silhouette yet. This is something that I’m going to work on this year.

2. I have some outfits for Paris! I will definitely be bringing some of the items from my winter 10×10 challenge with me NEXT WEEK! It’s next week! So excited. This challenge came at the perfect time because it helped spark some outfit inspiration for my trip 🙂

3. I’m becoming an expert packer. Something I’ve come to realize through these challenges is that my mind is starting to think in a more versatile way. When I look at an item I automatically think ”what else would go with that?” “can I layer under or over it?”. This is a HUGE step for me. I used to just be able to envision one outfit at a time. Now I’m starting to think about my clothes in a more strategic way. I still have a ways to go in perfecting this but I’m very happy that my mind is naturally veering towards versatility.

4. I’m also starting to recognize which outfits feel like me and which ones don’t. I used to get so wrapped up in other peoples’ style. Especially when it came to bloggers and influencers. For example I absolutely love Sincerely, Jules’ style. She’s adorable and gorgeous. But she has a sort of glamours edginess about her that is very LA and as much as I love it that’s not really who I am. I started rating my outfits 1-10 but quickly realized I could easily categorize them as “yes” or “no”. I think I’ll still continue to experiment to find new styles that I love. But I can now say I can definitely pick out which ones don’t feel like me or the style I’m trying to obtain.

Overall I’m so happy with this challenge and loved participating in it. I’m definitely going to join in for Lee  & Caroline’s next challenge this spring! If you have never done this challenge before I highly recommend it. It’s especially great and fun to do when packing for an upcoming trip! If you want to learn more about the guidelines and how to conduct your own challenge I reference those guidelines here.

If you shared a challenge wrap up leave a link below. I’d love to see what you learned!


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  • Rachel February 3, 2017 at 6:09 am

    How about a cocoon shaped sweater dress? I just got an amazing merino cashmere one. Or a silk tunic that can be worn loose or belted for a shirt dress look

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