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Paris Travel Outfit + Carry On

February 21, 2017 2 Comments

Paris Travel Outfit + Carry On

February 21, 2017 2 Comments

PARIS PARIS PARIS! For Christmas my lovely hubby got me a trip to Paris for my birthday! I have been there once before but it was a school trip and I was only 13. During that trip we started in Paris then traveled through northern France stopping at Mount St. Michelle and Normandy.

This time around we will be spending the entire time in Paris. I’ll share another post recapping our trip + what I packed but for now I’m going to talk about my travel outfit and what was in my carry on tote 🙂

There are several things you need to consider when packing your carry on/personal item for your trip. Here’s a little list that I run through when I start to begin my packing.

1. Will I have an overnight layer over somewhere?
2. How long is my flight? Do I need overnight essentials?
3. Will I need to change immediately when I get to my destination? I had one experience where I was landing in Mexico in the early morning and we wouldn’t be able to check into our rooms until 2PM. So I put a swimsuit and cover up in my carry on so I could be beach ready!

After running through the above questions and adding the items I need based on my answers, I go through my carry on necessities checklist below.

1. Form of identification
2. Wallet
3. Phone
4. Portable charger
5. iPad mini – for reading 🙂
6. Headphones
7. Small bag of toiletries (this includes toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, oil sheets, extra contacts, glasses, hair brush, mascara, concealer, blush, eyeliner and any medicines I may need)
8. Gum
9. Tissues
10. Healthy snacks

I used to fly a ton when I was in college so after many flights I’ve found these items to be the most helpful in getting me through any trip.

I cannot say enough about this tote. It took my a long time to find my perfect carry on bag. It had to be able to handle a good amount of weight and still have a simple and sleek design. It also needed to have at least one pocket on the inside for easy access to travel documents and my phone. I’ve used this bag on a couple of trips now and it has been a great travel companion.

I’ve always been in awe of women that can balance comfort and style when they travel. Some looks that I’ve used as inspiration for my travel outfits are here, here and here.

Here are some things to consider when planning out your travel outfit:
1. What is the weather going to be like on your way to the airport?
2. What is the weather going to be like when you land?
3. How long is the flight?
4. Are you normally hot or cold on planes?
5. What are you doing once you land? Will you have time to change or are you going right to an event or meeting?

For our trip to Paris, my outfit had to be very well thought out. When River and I travel we like to take long layovers in cities that we have never been too. This not only helps us save money on our tickets but lets us explore a new city!

For this trip we stopped over in London for about a 12 hour layover! We took off at about 9PM and landed in London at 10AM. Since I would only have my tote bag with me I decided to save room and keep my plane outfit on while we traveled around London. So not only did I want my outfit to be comfortable for the plane but I wanted it to be appropriate for touring London!

Luckily the weather is very similar between Chicago, London & Paris this item of year. Since the flight from Chicago to London is about 8 hours I definitely wanted to be comfortable and usually my body temperature fluctuates on airplanes. Sometimes I’m super hot and sometimes I’m freezing. This means that I need layers!

So this is the outfit I came up with after answering all of the above questions. First off I wanted a cozy stretchy pant. I’ve had these from Aritzia for a long time now and they are my staple lounge/long flight pant. However, these do let some air through so I decided to wear a pair of leggings underneath to stay warm. Next come the layers.

outfit: madewell sweater coat (s/o size: small, sustainable option & on sale!) / zara cardigan (old, similar here , sustainable option) / madewell graphic tee (secondhand, size: small) / aritzia joggers (size: x-small, sustainable option) / veja extra white sneakers (size: 37) / cuyana tote / zara beanie (old, sustainable option)



  • Rebecca Cornelius February 22, 2017 at 12:58 am

    Beautifully written with the perfect travel tips! I always tend to go for non-functional so this was great advice thank you!

    • Allison Metcalfe March 1, 2017 at 4:06 am

      Thank you Rebecca! Glad you found them helpful!xo Allison

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