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March 10, 2017 5 Comments


March 10, 2017 5 Comments

Before I shared my next closet I wanted to take some time to reflect on winter. Now more than ever I feel like I’ve made some style break throughs that will be applicable to my FW’17 closets. I’m starting to see how I almost have two different styles. For fall/winter I gravitate towards more tailored, clean and urban pieces. A mix of masculine and feminine is more prevalent in my fall/winter wardrobe. Then spring/summer tends to still be clean but more organic feeling with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.

That was my main take away with this closet which was definitely more eye opening to my style as a whole. So for this upcoming spring/summer I’m going to try to blend my seasonal closets more and I’ll go into more detail with that in my 2017 Spring Closet reveal 🙂

But for now I’m going to share my favorite looks from my winter closet (focusing more on silhouettes) my favorite pieces in my closet, the pieces I could have done without, what I added to my winter closet & finally my wishlist for next winter!

Each of these looks is a little different but my main takeaways were:

1. I really like high waist jeans with shirts tucked in.
2. Turtleneck layering
3. Cozy sweaters for a casual evening outfit.
4. There are more pant options out there than just skinny jeans (wide leg pants & boyfriend jeans)

The first one really highlights my turtleneck layering. I wore a turtleneck almost every day under my outfit…practical and a little style twist! The second look (again with a turtleneck) highlights the high waist silhouette, which is something I’m going to continue in SS’17! The third is a look I love. I’ve talk about my aversion to dresses in winter but I think this skirt + leggings + cozy sweater combo really works. I’m comfortable but still feel dressy. This is something I’m going to try to mimic in the future. And finally the last two looks show how I’m continuing to explore other options besides skinnies. And those peek-a-boo socks will definitely be back next winter and maybe this spring!

If I had to whittle my closet down to three pieces I couldn’t live without it would be these three and I’ll share why I love each and every one of them. Also sidenote, I’ve linked to all of these items and for the ones that are no longer available I’m like to a similar sustainable option.

| STRIPED TURTLENECK | – I’ve talked about fitted turtlenecks so many times so clearly I have a new obsession. Next winter I may look for a black version that is a more sustainable option and is just as soft.

| MODERN LOAFERS | – I talk about Everlane’s shoes, and Everlane in general, all the time. But these shoes and my Brixton boots have been my most worn shoes this season. They’ve molded to my feet perfectly and make every outfit look modern and sophisticated. Let’s just say I don’t foresee my Everlane shoe addiction stopping any time soon! But it was be in moderation 😉

| CHUNKY CREAM SWEATER | – Unfortunately this sweater is not sustainable but I’ve had it in my closet for about four years now and it is unbelievably comfy. I got it in about two sizes too big so it would be extra oversized. I also love the round collar and have been having a hard time finding another sweater just like it. It’s the main item I reached for during those super cold and windy days when I just wanted something oversized and warm!

| BLACK CARDIGAN | – I thought that this guy was going to be the one to fill my black cardigan hole but it didn’t work out as great as I had hoped. I did love that it was a relaxed fit but the stitching just didn’t hold up for fall or winter. Small set back. So this one is going to the sale pile and my hunt for the perfect black cardigan continues.

| SKIRTS | – this winter closet affirmed my need for a separate dressy event capsule. I am just not wearing skirts/dresses enough to warrant them a spot in my seasonal capsule but I still want the option to work them in for nice dinners/events. These guys only really appeared for an office party and fancy dinner. I absolutely loved the look I created with the forest green midi skirt so I think I’m starting to get on the right track for what types of dresses/skirts fit my personal style.

| LACE TANK | – there is nothing wrong with this tank and it feels a little dressier with the lace but I’m not sure it fits my style anymore. Or at least the outfits that I’ve created with it don’t feel as me as they used too. I’m not ready to toss it just yet but it will be one piece I think about.

I did add a few things to my closet this winter season. I’ve determined one shopping trigger that I can’t avoid and it’s an Elizabeth Suzann sale. I was lucky enough to acquire two pieces from the sale and the found a third on eBay a couple weeks later! The other pieces were ones I’d had my eye on for some time but I’ll dive into why I added each piece to my closet now 🙂

| ELIZABETH SUZANN WOOL GEORGIA TEE | – I love my linen georgia tee so this pieces was a no brainer. I’ve also been trying to find some crop top sweaters to layer over some of my longer tunic shirts and this piece is perfect for just that! Also excited that it was in a grey/green hue to add a little bit of color to my very monochromatic wardrobe.

| GREY RAW HEM JEANS | – I am very picky when it comes to grey wash jeans. I actually prefer them to be closer to charcoal or weathered black than a true grey. I’ve also low deconstructed/raw hems and how they can add an edginess to a look. I found these on Poshmark and I’m so happy I pulled the trigger. These were my most worn jeans in Paris and have been on a heavy rotation ever since!

| RAW HEM WIDE LEG PANTS | – this was my first wide leg pants purchase. I purchased a very cropped pair last summer but have been itching to dive into longer lengths. So far I’m loving them and I can already tell my addiction to wide leg silhouettes is growing 🙂

| ELIZABETH SUZANN WOOL TRENCH COAT | – are you starting to see a trend? Something I’ve come to realize is  that I’m always super happy to add a piece by ES to my closet. There is never any buyer’s remorse because each piece is of the highest quality and knowing where my clothing came from is so rewarding. This coat is a piece I will have for years and years to come. Plus the pockets. Oh the pockets! I swear I could fit one of my cats into one. They hold everything which is extremely nice for a girl who sets her phone down constantly and can’t remember where she put it!

| ELIZABETH SUZANN WOOL DUSTER | – again I couldn’t resist this color and I’ve been wanting to add more dusters to my wardrobe. I have one from Black Crane but was super stoked to see this winter appropriate one during the ES sample sale. I’m so sad I didn’t snag the Keaton Duster in natural when it was available but fingers crossed it makes a triumphant return!

I read some advice that creating a wish list right after you’re finished a seasonal capsule will help you recall what you truly felt like you needed for that season. So then when that time comes around again you can reference your list to help you stick to the things you truly needed and not get starry eyed with new trends or items.

| HANDMADE MITTENS | – I had my eye on these lovelies all winter long but didn’t pull the trigger. Mittens are pretty much a necessity in Chicago and I’d love to get my hands, pun intended, on a handmade pair next year! These also look just so cozy!

| MENSWEAR BLAZER COAT | – This has been a wish list item for a while now and after my Paris trip I’m ooing and awwing over menswear inspired looks. I’m going to be picky about this one though. It has to have the right pockets and just the right fit!

| CASUAL DRESS FOR LAYERING | – While I will work towards my dressier capsule I still want to try a nice simple dress for layering in winter. I’ve had my eye on this one by Sotelaco for a while now so it may just have join the capsule club next fall/winter 🙂

| CAPOTE COAT | – Oh the capote coat. I tried out two sweater/wool coats this season and they have become my favorite outerwear pieces. This one looks so soft and snuggly but is definitely a hit to the pocket book. This one I’d have to save up for but I think it would be well worth the purchase!

| CHECKERED BLAZER COAT | – oh look another menswear piece! Maybe I’m still swooning from France but I think blazer coats would work very well in my closet. I also just LOVE the pattern on this one. I may play it smart and start with an all black version to make sure I can work with the silhouette but I foresee a checkered piece in my future one day!

| LONG WOOL SCARF | – this one is not terribly exciting. My main go-to scarf sheds like a beast so I’m looking for a more substantial wool that won’t look like an animal nested on me 🙂

I love looking back on my past closets. Already in one year I feel that my style has evolved drastically. I’m looking forward to spring and will be sharing my new closet on Tuesday!



  • Muna March 10, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Love this post. I’m curious about the Everlane boots but hesitant to buy without trying and they don’t have a physical outlet here. What’s your experience been?

    • Allison Metcalfe March 10, 2017 at 6:12 pm

      Hi Muna!I’m so happy you loved the post! I’m happy to share my experience with Everlane boots. I am a normal size 7 in all shoes and I first bought the Brixton boots in my normal size but they were way too tight around my ankle. So I went up half a size and they have been perfect. They’re slightly tight with really thick socks but do stretch out a tiny bit. I actually wore these every day during my trip to Paris and they were super comfortable the whole time! If you’re on the fence I say go for it but consider ordering up half a size. Also, FYI Everlane will not accept any returns for shoes if they have been worn.
      Hope you have a good day!xo Allison

      • Muna March 10, 2017 at 9:20 pm

        Thank you Allison, I appreciate your advice. Have a great weekend x

  • Olivia Youngs March 10, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    This is such a great post Allison! I love how you talked about what pieces didn’t work, as well. And I can vouch for the Sotela dress being PERFECT for winter layering. It’s the only dress I carry over for every season!

    • Allison Metcalfe March 10, 2017 at 6:17 pm

      Thanks Olivia! <3
      Yeah, I think the Sotela dress is definitely going to make its’ way into my closet soon! Do you also wear it in the summer or is it too hot with sleeves?

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