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March 16, 2017 2 Comments


March 16, 2017 2 Comments

Transitioning my wardrobe for spring felt so good. I was looking forward to brighter colors, warmer palettes and lighter layers. While I’m so excited for spring weather we’re not quite there yet, I’m saying this as there is about half foot of snow on the ground 🙂

Transition periods are hard whether it’s weather or a new stage in life. You always seem to try to be prepared for a variety of scenarios. My closet feels a little more prepared for slightly warmer temps but as I woke up one morning to 30* temperatures, I was inspired to try and make some of my lighter pieces work despite the weather conditions.

I then decided to create a little post that features one outfit that is more practical for the weather as it is now and one outfit with similar items that I’m looking forward to wearing when the temperatures get warm.

I want to share a couple posts like this in March since this is Chicago’s big transition month but for this first post I’m starting with my tunic from Only Child. Hopefully this little series will inspire you to try and blend your warm & cold weather collections even more or help you find creative ways to show off the spring pieces that you’ve been dying to wear! Yay for versatility!

| TURTLENECK | – I think I’ve decided to move my base layer turtlenecks into a full year mini basic capsule. I’ve found that I tend to use the same bottom layers year round so instead of including them in my seasonal I may just make a year long with basics. Similar to my fancy occasion capsule idea. I’m still noodling it but this turtleneck is definitely a multi-season item and the perfect piece to grab to add warmth to this look. And as always, love me some peek-a-boo stripes!

| LIGHT COLORS | – Even though I wish I could wear short sleeves & dresses right now without base layers, I think it does help to dress in lighter colors. It makes the overall look feel like spring but still warm enough to withstand a wind chill. So if you’re craving those shorter hems but mother nature isn’t taking the memo, try to wear more creams or muted light tones to see if that soothes your warm weather clothing itch!

| BLUE SUEDE SHOES | – Oh my those blue suede shoes! I absolutely love them. They are insanely comfortable and perfect for all day wear. I love how the blue plays off of the dark navy stripes in the turtleneck. It just feels balanced. And even though my tote is black it still seems to coexsist with the navy pumps nicely.

outfit: only child tunic (size: s/m, similar ethical thank top version here) / gap stripe turtleneck (size: small; s/o ethically made version) / madewell boyfriend jeans (size: 27) / madewell blue suede pumps (size: 7) / cuyana tote

| BANDANA | – I can not wait until it is warm enough to wear bandanas instead of giant bulky scarves! I love this particular one because it adds a pop of blush which is my color crush this season. It also has some pops of navy in the design which brings in the blue suede pumps nicely 🙂

| CROSSBODY | – I love how this handbag also ties in with the blush in the scarf! It’s so nice when both of your accessories can tie in seamlessly with one outfit without being the exact same color. At first I almost went with a cognac crossbody but I’m much happier with this blush one. I also decided on a crossbody bag for my warmer look because it just automatically feels lighter than say my black tote. And is definitely cuter in my opinion 😉

| WHITE TUNIC | – Now this is how I wish I could be wearing this beautiful tunic right now! But alas the weather is just not there yet. I was so happy to snag this piece after eyeing it for months by Only Child. I can see it really evolving into an all season item by layering it under some of my crop sweaters in the fall/winter and then adding a little scarf and letting those arms see some sun in spring/summer. I can’t wait to wear this outfit once it gets a little warmer!

Outfit: only child tunic (size: s/m s/o similar tank top version) / madewell boyfriend jeans (size: 27) / madewell blue suede pumps (size: 7) / madewell bandana / coach crossbody bag (old, ethically made version here)

I hope you enjoyed my first spring transition post! I’ll be sharing two more outfits next Thursday so be on the lookout!



  • Rachel March 17, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Love this! Yesterday I started the day in a silk t, jeans with suede flats and a blazer, but by afternoon had switched to wool socks, boots, cashmere cardigan and cocoon coat and hat with the same t and jeans!

    • Allison Metcalfe April 9, 2017 at 3:06 pm

      Hi Rachel!Thank you! So glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 I hear you on the outfit changes during the day. We’ve had some days where it starts out at 35 degrees and by the time I get out of work it’s almost 60! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
      xo Allison

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