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March 21, 2017 5 Comments


March 21, 2017 5 Comments

I have started an Everlane shoe collection. Not on purpose by any means. I’ve actually tried to find other brands that fit my shoe needs but I always find my way back. I love their simple classic styles and they come in a wide array of colors which is sometimes hard to find. You can tell that they are well made and will last for many years to come. So far I own two pairs of modern loafers, the brixton boot and now these beauties and I already have my eye on the Modern Loafer Mule (coming March 27) & The Day Heel (coming April 10 & 13).

I was so excited when Everlane came out with their own version of the classic oxford last fall. I immediately gravitated to the sleek, masculine shape and this blush color, oh my!

I was contemplating between a more practical black or cognac shade or the blush and I’m so happy I went with this color. It’s really a deep blush almost rose tone but it fits so seamlessly in with my neutral wardrobe. It almost becomes a neutral itself depending on the outfit.

Since I have invested in several pairs of Everlane shoes, I finally decided to give my own review. Starting with the Modern Oxford. In my review I wanted to touch on several aspects of the shoes including:


So lets begin!

| SIZE | – This is the hot topic. I am a true size 7 with a normal foot width. In all of my past Everlane shoe purchases I’ve had to go up half a size and the same goes for the modern loafer. The 7.5 in the modern oxfords felt perfect when I put them on and there is just enough room for a no show sock! Leather does stretch out a little over time but I foresee these fitting perfectly even after years of wear. My recommendation, if your foot is a normal width, buy half a size up from your true size. For a wider foot you may consider going up one full size. PLEASE NOTE: if you wear the shoes out of your home you will not be able to exchange them. I had this experience with my first pair of Brixton boots so I wanted to warn you just in case you were buying multiple sizes to see what works best!

| COMFORT | – I’ve worn these about 5 or 6 times now for extensive periods of time and I’ll be honest…In the beginning I was expecting some blisters. The tongue comes up a little high and almost touches my ankle. But no blisters! I had a tiny bit of rubbing on the back of my ankle but nothing crazy.  Maybe I’m a rarity but the break in period for me was pretty painless. I have been wearing these with little no show socks and that is probably how I will continue to wear them and probably helped with the minimal blisters. The leather was slightly stiff at first but still comfortable and after several wears the leather is softening nicely.

| PRACTICALITY | – The bottoms of the shoes are fairly smooth but only seem to be a tiny bit slippery on tile floors when you first wear them. I don’t think it would ever lead to an actual fall but one thing I did notice. They are starting to become less smooth/slippery as I wear them. The laces stay nicely tied and do not need to be double knotted, a very important feature if you’re constantly on the go! Even though I love the blush tone I was slightly nervous about them getting scuffed up and marked. So far I’ve had no incidents, knock on wood, and I’m slightly clumsy when walking around Chicago 🙂 I have tried to avoid wearing them with dark blue jeans since I am a little anxious that the jeans may rub and bleed on the leather. But overall they are a very practical shoe for day to day wear.

| CARE | – I have sprayed some of my other leather shoes with a leather protectant (this one) but I haven’t sprayed these yet. I’ve been a little nervous with the lighter color. I think I’m going to just be careful about when I wear these and make sure there is no rain in the forecast. I am looking to invest in a shoe tree to help these keep their shape but so far they are holding up extremely well sitting on my clothing racking.

My favorite thing about this outfit is how my sunglasses play off of the blush oxfords. It’s a very very subtle detail that really makes the whole look. I love tiny details like this. You don’t really notice it but if it wasn’t there the look would feel incomplete. I also love how the shoes add warmth to this otherwise monochromatic look. I choose to style them with a more bland palette to really make the shoes shine. They tie in nicely with the marbled effect of the cardigan which looks so warm and cozy. I can tell this one is already going to be a repeat for next year! But maybe an upgrade to overalls instead of high waist skinnies 😉

outfit: everlane modern oxford (size: 7.5) / madewell marble cardigan (size: small) / zara blouse (old, similar at garmentory here; get $20 off at garmentory!) / madewell high rise jeans (found secondhand, similar here) / cuyana tote bag / steven alan sunglasses




  • rachel March 22, 2017 at 6:13 am

    Love these shoes, and thanks for the thorough review, so helpful. So wish Everyone shipped to the Uk

    • Allison Metcalfe April 9, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Hi Rachel,
      So happy you enjoyed the review! It looks like Everlane has a workaround for international customers It says you can go through a service called comGateway. I have no experience with this service but if you’re dying for some Everlane goods this might work!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      xo Allison
      xo Allison

  • kate March 30, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Hi, finally I got them in my regular size and they are fine. I thought at first try at the evening that I need to switch into half size bigger but when I tried again day after at the morning they fit like a glove. After 2 days of wearing I am so pleased to have them. Thank you very much for your opinion, for me it was vital and decision making post. Thanks again, have a nice Paris trip, Kate.

    • Kate March 30, 2017 at 2:42 pm

      I saw a post and thought you are going to Paris one more time, sorry for that but anyway have a nice day 🙂

      • Allison Metcalfe April 9, 2017 at 3:08 pm

        Hi Kate!
        Haha no worries! Thank you for sharing! I have heard others were able to purchase the modern oxford in their normal size and it worked out. I’m always nervous about breaking in shoes and being able to get them to stretch enough to make them comfortable so decided to go a half size up. I’m so happy that your shoes are working out for you though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
        xo Allison

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