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April 6, 2017 No Comments


April 6, 2017 No Comments

One area of my style that I’ve been a little sporadic in is my accessories. While I’m still trying to work through my overall closet aesthetic I want my accessories to feel in step with the direction I’m going. This most likely means no more glamorous statement necklaces with large jewels but more refined minimal designs.

One piece that I’ve been excited to add to my accessories is the Frankie35 watch by Jord Watches in the dark sandlewood and slate color. Most of my accessories tend to be either gold metals or black so I was happy to add a more organic and natural piece to the mix. I’ve also found that this watch has worked easily in my closet since I’m focusing on lighter tones such as cream, tan & blush. Below you’ll find a little introduction to Jord Watches, my full review of my Jord Watch, plus some tips on how I styled it!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Jord Watches before, they are a handmade wood watch company from St. Louis. They value sustainability, efficiency an experiential living and strive to make products that fit into a modern lifestyle of exploring. I really connected to a saying that Jord has which is “Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.” To me this hints at your watch telling more about your personality and what drives your style than just being a timepiece. This is what I am striving for in every piece I add to my closet and every accessory I add to my jewelry box. I don’t want what I wear every day to just be a garment but to reflect my own personality and tell a story about my life.

| STYLE | – my favorite thing about this watch is the color combination. The tones in the dark brown sandlewood mixed with the light slate watch face and finally the numbers and hands on the watch are rose gold! I’ve been on a little rose gold kick so this watch was right up my alley. I feel like I also use black as my contrast color but sometimes it can seem to harsh. The dark brown in this watch is a beautiful alternative for an accent. It’s not as harsh and still gives you that contrast. It’s a beautiful & subtle statement piece that doesn’t overwhelm your entire outfit.

| CARE | – since this watch is made of wood the care is a little different than I anticipated. The watch is pretreated with tug oils so it is splash proof but can not be submerged in water. And to keep the watch in pristine condition it is recommended that you clean the watch with lemon or orange oil extract. Even though it may take a little more TLC than some of my other watches the beauty of the natural wood is 100% worth it.

| OVERALL | – I would recommend this as a gift especially if you know anyone that really enjoys organic materials or if you love sleek and refined natural designs! The watch also comes in a beautiful wood box that can be used to store other accessories as well. It’s like two gifts in one! If you’re interested you can find more Jord watches for women here and men here so go and check them out!

Also, don’t forget! If you haven’t entered my Jord Watch giveaway you can do so here!

I decided to style my Jord watch with similar tones. Since the piece is dark I wanted it to contrast with my outfit and be a focal point. I love how the watch came together with the whites, light greys and tans in this look. All of the light earth tones helped tie in the natural wood element that makes up the watch. I’ve never really tried to style an outfit around one accessory before. I’ve always added accessories like toppings on a cupcake. More of an afterthought that the main focus. But taking a different approach to putting an outfit together was a great exercise for my brain. I’m always trying to look at outfits and style in different ways and I think starting with one accessory is something I’m going to try again in the future! It helped me see colors in my wardrobe a little differently by making me pay attention to the finer details. Plus it’s always fun to try something new! So if you’re in a closet funk and are feeling less than inspired try picking one accessory to work off of and see where it takes you!

outfit: jord watch / madewell sweater (similar here) / madewell stripe tee (love this one as well) / jesse kamm sailor pants (wearing size: 6 & get 20% off at Need Supply Now!) / no6 clogs (found secondhand similar here) $20 off to garmentory! / warby parker sunglasses

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