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SPRING 2017 10X10

April 9, 2017 No Comments

SPRING 2017 10X10

April 9, 2017 No Comments

I’m so excited to share my fifth 10×10 challenge! Lee Vosburgh’s 10×10 challenge has been getting tons of buzz but in case you aren’t sure what it is here’s the breakdown:

1. Pick 10 items from your closet
2. Style 10 different looks with those 10 items
3. Where those 10 outfits for the next 10 days

That’s it! I’ve found these challenges have helped me hone in on my personal style by forcing me to look at items differently and come up with combinations I never would have initially thought of. It’s definitely important to find looks you love but I have found it just as important to figure out looks that aren’t exactly you.

One thing you may have noticed is that my overall picks are very light. There’s no black! That rarely happens in my closet. No matter which season it is I usually have some black thrown in. But for this challenge I decided to try something different and focus on light colors. I’m also not following the “no white before memorial day” rule at all. Bring on the spring whites! I’ll be sharing why I chose each piece during my outfit posts but for now here are my 10 items and where you can find similar pieces.

| ROSE CROP TOP | – size: small from madewell s/o similar from ilana kohn ($158)/ off the shoulder option from madewell ($40)

| MODERN OXFORD | – size 7.5 (normally a size 7) from everlane ($168)

| WHITE CREW T-SHIRT | – size small from everlane ($16)

| RAW HEM BOOTCUT JEANS | – size: 27 from madewell ($135), found secondhand

| CHAMBRAY SHIRT | – size: small from madewell ($72), found secondhand

| BLUSH BLOUSE | – size: small old from madewell similar from whyred karolina ($151), everlane ($88),

| CLOSED TOE CLOGS | – size 7 from no.6 found secondhand similar from no6 ($275)

| WHITE WIDE LEG PANTS | – size: 6 from jesse kamm ($398) similar from everlane ($68)

| CREAM CARDIGAN | – size: small old from madewell similar from madewell ($45)

| WHITE SHIRT DRESS | – size: 4 from acne studio, found secondhand, similar from Need Supply ($68)


I’ll be sharing one look each day (mon-fri) for the next two weeks! If you’re joining in on the challenge let me know so I can check out your outfits! Also, don’t forget to follow along and use the hashtag #spring10x10 to join in on the fun!


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