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SPRING 2017 10×10: LOOK 1

April 11, 2017 1 Comment

SPRING 2017 10×10: LOOK 1

April 11, 2017 1 Comment

I’m happy to share my first look in my spring 10×10! When I was picking my pieces this was the very first outfit that came to mind. I can already feel that this is going to be my spring uniform. It combines classics with modern silhouettes and feels clean, simple and modern which is what I’m trying to work towards when it comes to my style.

| JESSE KAMM | – my first pair of sailor pants! Maybe it’s silly to be this excited about a pair of pants but I am SO EXCITED! I’m planning on writing a post specifically on Jesse Kamm and my sailor pant thoughts but so far I’m really digging them. The fabric is sturdy yet soft. They are a little long so I’m thinking of getting them hemmed but haven’t decided yet.

| SPRING TONES | – all of the heart eyes for these colors. The soft blue of the chambray shirt, white pants and light tan tones. It all sings of spring! If my shirt had been a darker denim I don’t think I would have liked this look as much as I do. The contrast would have been too harsh for me. At first I struggled with the bag + clog addition. The colors were too similar but not similar enough. Seeing it all put together in photos though has changed my mind. They are almost the same tone but the clogs are a hair darker than the tote. I really believe that shoes and accessories can make or break an outfit when it comes to color so if something doesn’t feel quite right in your look start with changing up your shoes then move on to your accessories!

| PROPORTIONS | – when I was putting this outfit together I immediately tucked in my shirt. There was really no other option. The rise on these pants make your waist look so slim and the length elongates your legs like no other. I love how the button up shirt makes the look feel almost stiff but then the wide leg offers a fresh & fun contrast. I also love all of the geometric shapes in this outfit. The wide leg pants & round market bag.

| SHIRT ORIGAMI | – after I put this outfit together something was missing. I’m trying to be more detail oriented and my first thought was the sleeves. I always either wear them all the way down or rolled. I decided to try out some different options and found a new cuff that I love! It adds just that touch of detail that is subtle but makes all the difference. It almost creates a balance between the wide bottoms and draws your eye up. Below I’ve outlined the steps I took to create this new cuff so you can try your own shirt origami!

outfit: madewell chambray ex-boyfriend shirt (size: small) / jesse kamm sailor pants (size: 6) / no6 clogs similar here / round market tote

See you tomorrow for look 2!


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  • Lee April 12, 2017 at 10:11 am

    This is a lovely spring look. The shirt looks absolutely gorgeous with the trousers. It’s not a style I would have chosen, but you look fab! And the shoes are sweet!

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