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SPRING 2017 10×10: LOOK 7

April 27, 2017 No Comments

SPRING 2017 10×10: LOOK 7

April 27, 2017 No Comments

Happy Wednesday (or Thursday) everyone! I’m still working through and sharing my spring 10×10 and I’m almost done! I have been loving the outfits in this challenge but it’s been a slow going challenge for sure (yes, I’m going on week 3 of sharing my looks!). But we are motoring through and today I’m happy to share look number 7 🙂

| OVERSIZED | – when I look at this outfit the first thing I think of is oversized. I’m not completely in love with the length of the cardigan when paired with the crop-ish top. It hides the sliming effect of the pants and overall feels a little messy to me. Having the cardigan is definitely more practical since our temperatures are still fluctuating but I’m not sure if I’m 100% sold.

| BLUSH TONES | – I do love the tones that are happening here. My blush love is definitely shinning through in this look. I still wouldn’t classify myself as a pink girl but I do love this rose and blush combo. They just feel so spring and blush almost acts as a neutral in this look. Also I’ve worn these shoes more times than I can count now and no scuffs!

| COGNAC | – At first I had a hard time trying to decide what bag to wear with all of the whites and blush tones in my 10×10. But I do feel that cognac has worked into my outfits seamlessly while still providing a nice contrast. I’ll be honest my initial thought was to buy something that would fit in. But instead I took a look at all of the handbags I currently have and started experimenting. It was nothing fancy. I just stood in front of my full length mirror with all of my bags around me and tried each one on. So simple and it made me take a hard look at all of the purses (we need to do a little purging here). Sometimes taking everything out of your closet to look at it all at once is the best way to truly evaluate your options and avoid mindless spending!

| WHAT I WOULD CHANGE | – I think I would have liked this outfit more if I had tucked in the top and perhaps photographed it without the cardigan. Maybe it is just because I love my waist in these pants. But I believe the overall look would have felt a little more refined if the top had been tucked in. That’s the best thing about this challenge (and photographing your clothes). You can look back and evaluate what you liked and what you didn’t like which helps you further define your style!

outfit: madewell cardigan (old, similar from madewell) / madewell rose crop top (old, similar from ilana kohn, white version) / jesse kamm sailor pants (size: 6) / everlane modern oxford (size: 7.5) / sezane crossbody (another adorable cognac bag from baggu)


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