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June 14, 2017 2 Comments


June 14, 2017 2 Comments

Happy Wednesday! Almost half way done! I’m actually heading to Florida tomorrow to have a little vacay with my mom 🙂 I’m so looking forward to a little R&R to reset my brain.

But before I take off, I had to share my summer closet with you! My color scheme has changed dramatically from spring but a few pieces managed to stick around. So in the post I’ll go into a little more detail about my summer palette, the items I ultimately chose, and a few things on my summer wishlist!

So let’s get started!

As I moved into 2017 I could see my closet morphing into two capsules instead of four. After my winter capsule I felt that my fall and winter closets could have really been molded together. I thought that my spring and summer wardrobes would be a similar story but that is not the case at all. While my spring colors were lighter this year I find myself drawn to darker tones with more contrast for summer. Weird I know but I’m loving dark denim, black, cognac and white lately. Very different from my spring tones. I’m also very drawn to floral prints and that is very strange. I’m not sure how I plan on merging the color and print interests but I feel like listening to my gut a little more. Take just a few more risks to continue to elevate my wardrobe to a sophisticated and clean place while still keeping it fun! Color is so allusive for me but hopefully I’ll be able to navigate through my color/flower haze.

In total I ended up with 35 items (some of them I’m waiting for in the mail). I still feel like there might be a couple of holes especially when it comes to my bottoms and I may have one too many shoes but we’ll see!

| SLEEVELESS BLOUSE | zara | size: small | similar option with a slightly different pattern from amour vert

| LINEN TEE | elizabeth suzann | size OS

WHITE TUNIC | only child clothing | size small | similar from eileen fisher

| FLOWER CROP TOP | aritzia | size xsmall |

| CROP TOP | elizabeth suzann | size small | similar from elizabeth suzann

| CHAMBRAY SHIRT | madewell | size small | similar from NEUW

| LINEN KIMONO | elizabeth suzann | size OS

| FLOAT TOP | reformation | size small | xs version on poshmark | similar long version | similar color from esby

| WHITE TANK | madewell | size small

For my tops I wanted to make sure that I kept the fabrics light and breathable so that meant a ton of linen and cotton. Also, my love for crop tops started last summer so I definitely wanted to keep that silhouette for this capsule. I also took into consideration some layering opportunities. For example the linen button up and chambray shirt are great on their own but are perfect as swimsuit cover ups.

| LINEN PANTS | elizabeth suzann | size small

| DENIM HIGH RISE SHORTS | madewell | size 26 |

| MOM JEANS | madewell | size 26 | awesome vintage option size 25  more options from urban outfitters vintage section


| MIDI SKIRT | elizabeth suzann | size small | similar in linen gauze, midweight linen & cotton poplin

| WIDE LEG PANTS | jesse kamm | size 6

| HIGH RISE SKINNY JEANS | paige | size 28

| RAW HEM CROP JEANS | madewell | size 27

Summer bottoms are my tricky area. I don’t like taking up a ton of room with shorts because I can’t wear them to work (and I don’t really like shorts) but they are necessary for super hot days. I hate feeling overheated so I may need to add a couple shorts options into the mix. Denim isn’t ideal for summer but really my most worn option. Plus offices can be kind of chilly in the summer. I of course had my linen florence pants from ES & favorite jesse kamm pants 🙂

| LINEN DRESS | elizabeth suzann | size OS

| STRIPE DRESS | madewell | size 2 | similar from

| SWING DRESS | vetta | size small

| MIDI DRESS | first rite | size small | similar from caron callahan | birds of north america | delfina balada lotus | get $20 off from garmentory

| KNIT DRESS | sotela | size 1

| ROMPER | frond | OS | vintage

I have a ton of dresses in this capsule! A little pat on the back moment for me. I feel that I’m starting to figure out what silhouettes I like when it comes to dresses and they are soooo easy to throw on and go in the summer. Pretty much all of my weekend errands are done in dresses. My stripe dress is my go to dinner outfit and I’m loving the midi I found second hand from First Rite. I also let my floral obsession get the best of me and I picked up a floral romper from Frond. I know. This probably seems crazy. But the material is vintage and I stared at the pattern on my screen for weeks. I seriously couldn’t get this piece out of my mind. I’ve tested styling it a couple times and it is so unbelievable comfortable and I think it will actually make a super cute beach cover up. Honestly it’s one of those pieces I fell in love with but I’m nervous how much I’ll wear it. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I think the silhouette could be very me but the print takes it to the next level. I’m going to play around with it but excited to see if this is a 100% winner or a flop!

| TAN FLATS | dolce vita |

| NEUTRAL CLOGS | no6 clogs

| BROWN SANDALS | I honestly don’t remember… | similar from ancient greek sandals

| BIRKENSTOCKS | birkenstock 🙂

| WHITE FLATS | target | similar from nisolo

| BLACK CLOGS | no6 clogs


| BLACK SANDALS | gap | similar from zuzii

I feel like my shoe choice was pretty standard and very matchy matchy. Everything seems to be in pairs. A brown sandal, a black sandal. A black clog, a neutral clog. But most of my summer shoes I’ve had for years and years and I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove where I know what works. Why mess with a good thing?

| COGNAC SUEDE HEELS | I wore my navy suede pumps all.the.time in spring so I thought they’d be a great investment for summer and possibly fall. Since cognac is such a neutral and timeless color I think a pair of cognac suede pumps would be perfect! Unfortunately the ones I have linked are sold out but l’intervalle has some other options in this great color (like these and these!) and I’ve been told they’ll be making more styles in this color soon!

| FLORAL DRESSES | I touched on this in my color section but right now I just think floral summer dresses are the bees knees! I could seriously buy any of Christy Dawn’s dresses and be happy. They’re all ethically made in LA from deadstock fabrics so go check them out and get your floral on!

| LINEN SHORTS | I have a huge love hate relationship with shorts. As you saw there is only one pair in my capsule right now. I’ll probably have to add another because they’re just too practical not to wear. I hate being hot! So I’m on the hunt for the perfect (preferably black) linen pair.

| BASKET BAGS | So these are everywhere. And I can’t help but fall in love with them. I will say that I’ve already made a purchase that fits into the basket bag craze. I found two vintage lovelies on Etsy for a very reasonable price. I know this is a trend that is super hot right now but I’ll be sharing why I decided to take the plunge and invest in two baskets next week!

If any of you are participating in a summer capsule please leave a link below! I love seeing other capsules and you can never get too much outfit inspiration!

Oh and don’t worry I have some blog posts scheduled to go live while I’m gone! I know what you’re thinking, who is this crazy organized lady?! So be on the look out for how I’m styling one of my floral pieces, why I decided to invest in baskets and my thrifting tips!



  • rachel June 16, 2017 at 8:26 am

    I /love/ your florals. They make this capsule really interesting and unique. The lack of pattern in most capsule/ minimal wardrobes is what puts me off as I love colour and pattern but working out how to make it fit in a limited wardrobe can be a challenge so I will follow with interest

    • Allison Metcalfe June 20, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      Hi Rachel!So happy your like the florals and I agree that they add so much more intrigue to a capsule. I’d like to add more print/floral into my wardrobe but it is tricky so we’ll see how my first two prints go! Thank you for stopping by 🙂
      xo – Allison

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