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June 20, 2017 2 Comments


June 20, 2017 2 Comments

I briefly touched on this in my capsule post but I’m insanely fickle when it comes to prints. One minute I’ll love it and two weeks later feel like it doesn’t reflect my style. It’s really a love hate relationship. It’s the same dilemma that I have with color. I’ve started to tackle the color portion by honing in on consistent themes that I seem to be gravitating towards (i.e spring blush) so I think I need to do something similar with my patterns. It’s just very hard to differentiate what is something I will truly wear and what is something that I just think is pretty. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a fail safe way to this conundrum but I’m working on it!

This leads me to this crop top  in my summer print look. I’ve actually thought about getting rid of it two or three times now. I’ve had it for about three years and its’ rotation into my daily life has been scarce. But there are some elements that I really love about it. So to help me tackle my print problem I’m going to analyze this one piece to help me gain some insight into future prints that I may or may not wear.

| BRAND : Aritzia | price: $40 | size: xsmall | similar from reformation

| COLOR/PATTERN | I love the colors in this top. Since I’m feeling more deep indigos, blacks and whites this summer this top fits in very nicely. I also love how this top looks with my ES silk skirt in moss. I just can’t get enough rust/camel + indigo & white! I think the colors are what really draw me in here but I also love how the pattern is floral but not too feminine. I also like how it is not too big but obviously still noticeable with the navy/black/white contrast.

| CUT | you know how I love a good crop top. This one is perfect with high waist jeans or high waisted anything! I also love the little cut out detail along the sides. It’s barely noticeable but adds an extra vertical focal point in the front and back which almost frames the print in a way.

| FIT | this is where things get a little wonky. The under arms billow out just a tad because I think it’s a little too tight for the ladies. And there is a seam that goes straight across that should sit under your chest but mine is a little higher. It does have adjustable straps which I appreciate. So despite the fit issues (and maybe some of these can be adjusted) I still love the print! If I went back in time to when I first purchased this item I would have paid closer attention to these fit details and maybe sized up one.

| MATERIAL | the top is made up a lightweight material. Unfortunately the tag is long gone so I’m unable to identify the exact make up. My best guess is that it is rayon. Rayon is a manufactured cellulose fiber that comes primarily from wood and is considered a semi-synthetic fiber. Rayon is highly absorbent and does not insulate body heat making it perfect for summer.

outfit: aritizia floral crop top (similar from reformation) / madewell perfect summer jeans (size: 26) / ali golden notch coat (found secondhand, similar from odeyalo) / white flats (super old, similar from nisolo) / sezane handbag (similar from sezane)

Here are some other florals and prints that I’m currently swooning over!

THE FLORAL | christy dawn | the orchid dress |
I love how the navy contrasts with the rust and cream flowers in this dress. The print is a tad on the large side for me but I still love it. I also like how the flowers are slightly abstract with their exaggerated roundness. It reminds me of an impressionist’s painting

THE NEUTRAL | frond | frond x auslandish collab top |
A great way to easy yourself into prints is by staying in a neutral color family. This top has such a beautiful delicate print which makes it feel fresh and organic. This top would make a nice gateway into prints if you’re still struggling, like me, on how to incorporate them.

THE VERTICAL STIPE | christy dawn | the lennon dress
While I basically consider stipes a neutral they are still a pattern! I love the vertical lines of this dress. Vertical line patterns are sometimes difficult to come by but they are great for adding length and have a lovely slimming effect. My favorite thing about this dress is that it feels very summer parisian and fun with the little bell sleeve detail.

THE COLORFUL STRIPE | ace & jig | the allovers in dune |
Another vertical stripe! And I just said how they can be difficult to come by 🙂 What really drew me to this jumpsuit is the color. The dull orange/brown, blue and cream make such a beautiful contrast since they are complimentary colors. If you’re ready to take that next step in your print game try branching out to more exotic colors with a pattern that you’re comfortable with. Just another easy way to add some diversity to your wardrobe. If you’re in love with this pattern like I am but not crazy about the jumpsuit you can find the same pattern made into a practical short sleeve dress, beautiful tiered dress, crop tank, super cute short sleeve top and pants!



  • Stacy July 13, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    I have had items that I love the print of, but not the fit of, and sometimes I’ll turn them into scarves or bandanas. If you sew, or know someone who does, it’s an easy way to keep the pattern in your closet but get the poor fit out. But I know what you mean about being fickle on prints- sometimes seeing too many different prints in my closet bothers me if they don’t all go nicely together!

    • Allison Metcalfe July 17, 2017 at 10:59 pm

      Hi Stacy,
      This is such a brilliant idea! I LOVE IT! I’m thinking about joining a sewing class or watching some tutorials online so I may give this a try!
      xo Allison

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