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July 6, 2017 No Comments


July 6, 2017 No Comments

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! Things sure have been busy over here. After I got back from my Florida trip, we found out that River’s grandpa isn’t doing very well so we booked a last minute rental car and headed to Michigan for the long weekend. River’s grandparents had just moved into a new house so we spent the long weekend helping them unpack and get settled. It was nice to spend some quality time with them, especially since we don’t see them often, but I am wiped. We ended up spending most of our 4th of July resting and snuggling with the fur babies.

I’m really looking forward to the day our life turns to normality but with our upcoming move and temporary housing I think it is a little ways out! But these changes and adventures are what make life exciting so I’m going to try my best to enjoy each moment.

So for today’s post, I wanted to talk a little bit about trends, how to determine if a trend is right for you and why I decided to give into the basket handbag craze. So let’s get started!

As I think about this topic I feel like I’m skipping a step. Really to identify which trends work for you, you need to have a basic understanding of your style so I feel like I’m jumping the gun! I’m still working on some materials to help define your style and silhouette but for now I’ll use my own experience with basket bags as an example for how to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe.

I’ve been meaning to work on my accessory organization for some time now. I spend so much time on my capsules that I feel like accessories get ignored when they can really be just as important when it comes to styling. So I like to take a look at my bags, jewelry, hats and scarves every so often and see if there are any glaring holes or if I’ve noticed a need. One need I picked up on was texture. Since most of my clothes are solid colors I need ways to add dimension. One way to do this is with patterns and another way is texture. But before adding an item to my closet (whether it be a trend or not) it needs to check 3 buckets.
1. Is it in my price range
2. Does it have a similar aesthetic to my current wardrobe or could it be mixed in well
3. Does the color work with my palette
I started to see basket purses pop up everywhere and thought that would be perfect to fill the gap! They come in a variety of price ranges so that wasn’t an issue and I’ve been feeling a very vintage vibe lately so a Jane Birkin basket (or any variation really) was just what I needed.

Below are the baskets that I’ve acquired this season, one I actually got last year 🙂


I love how different and simple this basket is. It’s a beautiful shade of brown and I love the contrasting handles and trim. I found this bag on Etsy (which is a great resource for basket bags!) from Shop Loved & Lost.


This was actually a vintage bag as well but the style is what I think of when I think of a traditional basket. I love the caramel color of this bag and if for whatever reason I’m not using it as much as a purse it would look adorable hanging on my wall with so dried flowers in it! I also found it at Shop Loved & Lost.


Market bags have been around forever so nothing extremely new here but this round shape is a refreshing twist on a classic market style. This bag is actually hand woven with dried palm leaves and can be found at Murlifestyle. I also love this one!

outfit: elizabeth suzann petra crop top (s/o similar in linen, size: small) / elizabeth suzann belle skirt (s/o same style in linen gauze, midweight linen, cotton poplin, size: small) / no6 clogs (found secondhand on ebay!) / basket from Shop Loved & Lost

I honestly could pair baskets with almost all of my outfits. I particular love this look though for the multiple shades of brown and pop of black. It’s like an elevated/modern peasant look. I wanted to keep the overall outfit pretty simple to make the basket the main focus. It adds a nice contrast to the more dressy components (i.e skirt and black clogs). Also, when working with the same color in an outfit make sure you are working with similar undertones. If the basket had been more of a redish brown it would have clashed with the skirt. But by both tones being more on the caramel side they compliment each other beautifully.

Here are some other baskets that I love!

Straw Basket by Sea Vibe Designs | $65USD
Vintage Woven Basket by Rawson Chicago | $65USD
Basket Ball Bag by AKRO | $332USD
Jane Birkin Style Basket by Willow Souvenir | $29USD
Large Lucena Shopper Basket by Indigo & Lavendar | $60USD

As always, thank you for stopping by!


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