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July 11, 2017 4 Comments


July 11, 2017 4 Comments

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday! So far our weather has been pretty muggy this week but I’m hoping it gets a little cooler/more comfortable this weekend. As you may or may not know the #summer10x10 challenge is in full swing and I’m happy to share my second look with you today! If you’ve been with me for a while you’re probably seen this combo before but that just means it’s so good, in my total biased opinion 🙂 so if you care to see my initial thoughts on this look, some styling notes and where you can find these pieces/similar ones scroll on down!


This was actually one of the outfits that I had on my blog last summer with some minor adjustments so obviously I liked it 🙂 Instead of wearing my wedges which almost completely covered my foot, I opted for black open sandals. The pants are made up of a much lighter material than the ones I wore last year which has been a nice update for scorching hot days like today! Only slight downside is that I feel that the crop-to-high waist ratio borders slightly on the small side. If I raise my arms you will definitely see some tummy. Other than that, it’s great!


| TILDA vs CLYDE | These are names of two pants that are made by Elizabeth Suzann. Last summer I created this same outfit but with the Clyde pants in cotton twill instead of the Tildas in linen. While I loved the material of the Clydes the pockets are just not flattering on me which makes me sad. The pockets are so awesome but I’m a little wider around the hips and the pockets just accentuate it even more.

| MONOCHROME | My fake jumpsuit! Yep it’s back and I’m still just as in love with it as I was last summer. For this up coming fall I want to try working on more monochromatic outfits that aren’t just all black but I’m not opposed to all black ones either 😉 I first tested out this styling method (monochrome palette) last summer during one of my first 10x10s. Just goes to show how this challenge can help you find looks you never would have thought of and how it can help you define your style!

| BLACK ACCENTS | I love how subtle yet dramatic black accents can be in a neutral look. To me it adds a touch of modern/sophistication that other colors just don’t have when worn as accents. I’ve had black as one of my main accents for a while and it will probably be a main staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.

| STATEMENT NECKLACE | A beautiful statement necklace is one of my favorite accessories. In this look the necklace helps give you a focal point for the outfit. If I hadn’t worn a necklace it would have felt bare and flat. Sometimes minimal accessories can go a long way 🙂


measurements: height 5’5″ weight 130lbs 34C/27/39
1 | petra crop top | elizabeth suzann ss’16 collection / owned for 1 y/r / same in linen / same in linen gauze / similar for under $35

2 | tilda linen pants | elizabeth suzann / found secondhand owned for 2 months / similar in cotton / similar for under $40 in black & white

3 | harper clogs on high heel | no6 clogs / owned for 1 y/r / similar for under $100

4 | style bee x opelle bag | opelle / owned for 1 y/r / similar ethical version / similar for under $60

5 | statement necklace | madewell / owned for 8 y/r / similar ethical version (Get $20 off at Garmetory here!)

6 | super duper sunglasses | karen walker / found secondhand owned for 1 y/r / similar ethical version

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow for look 3!



  • Monica July 12, 2017 at 12:29 am

    Gorgeous! I’m in love with Elizabeth Suzann too. What size are you in the Tilda pant?

    • Allison Metcalfe July 17, 2017 at 10:54 pm

      Hi Monica,
      Thank you for stopping by! I’m wearing a small regular 🙂
      xo Allison

  • Laura July 12, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    I love this combo! I just got the Petra and it’s definitely becoming staple for me too. Also I think the Clydes look amazing on you! I think the wide pockets are actually super flattering because they help define the waist even more, and I’ve loved all the outfits you’ve put together with them. Of course we all have our own little hang ups, so I’m not trying to change your mind 😁 Anyway, I’m waiting for the new canvas ones to be released to pull the trigger and I think I’ll go for the natural color too.Cheers,Laura

    • Allison Metcalfe July 17, 2017 at 10:54 pm

      Hi Laura,
      I’m so happy you like this outfit and that you’re enjoying your Petra! Thank you for your sweet words about my clydes! They put a smile on my face and is making me rethink them. I’ll keep playing around with them and we’ll see! The material is fantastic and can definitely be worn year round. I hope you enjoy your pair!
      xo Allison

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